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California Engineering Contractors (CEC) Adopts Industry-First Schedule Risk Analysis Tool from Planera to Manage Complex Projects

Parul Dubey on December 14, 2023 - in Corporate, News, Technology

Leading West Coast contractor implements advanced tool to boost visibility, eliminate guesswork, and revolutionize how construction managers quantify and manage risk


San Jose, CA – December 13, 2023 Planera, a construction CPM scheduling and planning solution, announced that leading West Coast heavy construction contractor, California Engineering Contractors (CEC) will implement Planera’s Risk Analysis Tool, which simulates thousands of potential scenarios to help assess and quantify schedule risk associated with an array of project contingencies. CEC, which has managed some of California’s largest projects, including the restoration of the San Francisco/Oakland Bay Bridge and the BART Transbay Tube Retrofit project, will leverage the tool to help build, analyze, and optimize project schedules to streamline execution and increase profitability.

Planera’s Risk Analysis Tool, which is integrated into the company’s CPM scheduling and planning solution, addresses a significant gap in the industry, where contractors previously had no way to accurately and comprehensively quantify risk while preparing project schedules and cost estimates. With Planera, contractors can quickly simulate risk and measure impact based on advanced statistical analysis. With recent economic and supply chain challenges, it is critical for construction professionals to have a comprehensive picture of risk and plan for every scenario using modern software. ConTech solutions like Planera’s Risk Analysis Tool allow organizations to ensure they can accurately anticipate all variables and minimize disruption throughout projects.

“Planning tools have never had the ability to factor in risk until now,” said Wahid Tadros, President at California Engineering Contractors. “The synthesis of a project begins with a plan and a reliable and competitive price. Being able to accurately assess risk within this process can make or break winning the project for construction managers. Planera’s Risk Analysis Tool will significantly improve our visibility into complex projects where risk needs to be modeled and understood. The tool allows our project managers to eliminate any question marks about what may or may not go wrong during the project by generating thousands of simulations to give accurate probabilities and prevent millions of dollars in losses.”

Construction schedules encompass anywhere from several hundred to several thousand activities. In order to prepare accurate project bids and establish an appropriate schedule for a job without overpromising or being too conservative, it is important for contractors to have easy-to-use tools in place to see how certain circumstances may impact the rate or cost of project completion.

“Risk analysis in the construction industry is fundamentally broken,” said Nitin Bhandari, founder and CEO of Planera. “Planera’s Risk Analysis Tool will be transformative for the construction industry. By eliminating the guesswork associated with risk and allowing companies to use hard data to quantify and analyze the impact of certain risks, they will be better positioned to develop bids and complete projects within designated timelines and budgets. All other complex industries have tools for risk analysis processes, and construction should be no different.”

Planera’s Risk Analysis Tool allows users to get data for adjustments to the timelines of certain milestones based on the desired confidence percentage. This can be implemented not only at the beginning of the bid development process but also utilized throughout the duration of projects to model potential schedule changes and evaluate the associated risks.

The addition of the Risk Analysis Tool into Planera’s existing suite of construction planning tools will continue to drive the company’s mission to revolutionize construction scheduling by simplifying the ability to establish an accurate scope of work, create estimates and bids, and develop a timeline for project completion. 

For more information about Planera and the platform’s new risk analysis capabilities, please visit www.planera.io/risk-simulation.

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At Planera, we believe that when all project stakeholders collaborate to create a high-quality schedule and plan, that results in better team alignment leading to higher margins and better workplace safety.

Planera is a full CPM-based scheduling and planning platform for the construction industry. With an innovative 3D whiteboard, Planera enables all stakeholders to create, review, and optimize schedules. Planera addresses scheduling needs in all 3 phases – pursuit, pre-construction, and project execution. Advanced features like built-in schedule quality audit and Monte Carlo risk simulation set Planera apart from other legacy CPM scheduling software.


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