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Informed Infrastructure is one of five V1 Media publications that also include Earth Imaging JournalSensors & Systems and Asian Surveying & Mapping, and the video news site GeoSpatial Stream. We offer print advertising in  Informed Infrastructure as well as banner advertising on the websites and in our weekly e-newsletters. We have video production capacity and sponsorships available in our weekly news digests. In addition to traditional banner ads, we offer advertorial options, webcasts, custom content creation, and event coordination.

Advertising Sales

Kevin Carmody
Group Publisher
[email protected]

Patrick Krill
Global Accounts Director
[email protected]

Jeff Boone
Senior Account Executive

[email protected]

Geoff Solo
Senior Account Executive

[email protected]


Reprint Sales

Chris Bennett
Reprint Nexus, Inc.
[email protected]
(404) 275-5552


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