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The Ultimate Guide to Combatting Water Scarcity: Introducing the IDA Desalination and Reuse Handbook 2023/24

Parul Dubey on November 3, 2023 - in Water

Oxford, England – By 2050 water scarcity will affect the lives of 5 billion people. Demand for freshwater is increasing rapidly, and the combination of climate change, the legacy of the COVID pandemic, a volatile energy market, and global supply chain issues only looks set to amplify this issue.

In partnership with the International Desalination Association, Global Water Intelligence’s desalination and reuse market analysts have designed the IDA Desalination & Reuse Handbook 2023/24 as the ultimate guide to help utilities and industrial end-users find strategies and partners for countering water scarcity and drought. With detailed profiles and references from EPC contractors, engineers, systems integrators, and technology & equipment suppliers, the Handbook provides a clear picture of how the challenges associated with water scarcity are being handled and by whom.

Published annually, the IDA Handbook is circulated to a tailored group of utility and industrial end-users and will showcases a wealth of high-value insights from those on the front lines of water security. By drawing knowledge and innovations from those who have faced similar challenges, it provides water professionals with the tools that they need to drive the industry forward and foster a sustainable approach to water management.

The Desalination Market in 2023 An updated desalination market profile with in-depth data visualisations and a list of newly contracted desalination plants from the last 12 months.
The Water Reuse Market in 2023 Detailed reuse market analysis and a list of selected plants contracted 2019-2023.
Featured desalination & reuse projects A selection of recently commissioned or awarded innovative desalination and reuse plants, alongside technical specifications to keep readers up to date with the latest developments in the industry.
Featured desalination technologies Profiles of four recent innovations in the field of desalination technology, including diagrams to showcase the latest technical innovations.
Reference Directories Eight different directories which categorise players in the fields of desalination and wastewater reuse by company expertise, aiding water professionals in finding their next client, partner, or supplier within the desalination and reuse space.
Desalination and Water Reuse Inventories Two exclusive inventories: the 36th Worldwide Desalting Inventory and the GWI Reuse Inventory. The former includes almost 150 seawater and brackish water desalination projects contracted worldwide in 2022–23. The latter features more than 150 projects contracted since 2019 with capacities in excess of 5,000m3/d which have been selected for this publication.


The IDA Desalination & Reuse Handbook 2023/24 will available from the 7th of November 2023, offering invaluable resources to those at the forefront of the battle against water scarcity.

The Handbook is available as part of a Water Desalination Report subscription. Visit https://www.desalination.com/publications/catalogue/ida-handbook for more information.


Journalists with valid press credentials wishing to access the full report upon publication should request press access from Finn O’Sullivan at [email protected].

The IDA Desalination & Reuse Handbook demonstrates the range of available solutions to water shortage, covering desalination and water reuse. It is updated annually by Global Water Intelligence and the International Desalination Association with detailed analysis of the global desal and reuse market over the last 12 months, company profiles, and plant references from EPC contractors, engineers, systems integrators, and technology & equipment suppliers.

The IDA Desalination & Reuse Handbook is available to all IDA members, all GWI Magazine subscribers, all Water Desalination Report subscribers, all GWI DesalData subscribers, and all members of the Global Water Leaders Group as well 200+ utilities and industrial water users and can be accessed from www.desalination.com. To purchase a subscription to the Water Desalination Report and ensure your copy of the Handbook is mailed to you upon publication, contact [email protected].

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