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CallisonRTKL’s Planning, Landscape and Urban Design Team Expands

Parul Dubey on September 2, 2021 - in News, People

Four talented designers join CRTKL


[Dallas, TX] – CallisonRTKL welcomes three new design professionals to its North American planning, landscape and urban design practice: Craig Lewis, principal; Michael Lazar, senior associate; and Amanda A. Morrell, senior associate.

Craig Lewis has a strategic vision for a complex world. For over 30 years, his work has ranged from small towns and metropolitan suburbs to transit-station areas to urban inner-city neighborhoods – and managing both growth issues as well as infill/redevelopment. He works with each client community to forge a new vision, while keeping an eye on the implementation steps necessary for its fulfillment. “I’m a passionate and vocal proponent of walkable, vibrant, urban places,” he says.

Michael Lazar has more than 15 years of experience as an urban planner and public realm designer. His in-depth knowledge of the design process working at a variety of project scales and on all phases of design – from strategic planning through detailed master planning and landscape implementation – brings new insights to the firm’s projects. His approach addresses environmental, social, cultural and economic issues through responsive and innovative design solutions.

Amanda Morrell is a registered landscape architect with 15 years of professional experience, focuses on planning and urban design projects executed through intense public involvement and outreach. Her experience in downtown, corridor, comprehensive, and neighborhood planning, in addition to public realm design, makes her a valuable and versatile team member. Amanda note, “I believe that building consensus through the design process gives a plan political will and the ability to move from vision to reality.” 

“Now more than ever, it is our responsibility to the communities we design and live in, as well as our environment, to amplify our commitment as urban planners and public realm designers. With our new team members, CRTKL will further emphasize the value of creating meaningful spaces where environmental benefits meet public health, ultimately forming places that allow us to come together as a community,”adds CallisonRTKL principal Noel Aveton.

Adds CRTKL Global Planning, Landscape and Urban Design Leader Matthew Tribe, “With accelerated changes in social, environmental and economic responsibility across the globe, new requirements are being demanded of our industry, this is particularly so for the master planning and landscaping of our cityscapes.  Our response at CRTKL is to double down on our skills and resources. With this powerful investment into our North American Planning Landscape and Urban Design Team, we will be able to fulfil and exceed our clients’ expectations for exceptional outcomes.”


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