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Xylem’s revolutionary Leopold Type 360 underdrain features innovative backwashing capability

Parul Dubey on August 21, 2020 - in News, Products, Technology

New bolt down model increases efficiency


RYE BROOK, N.Y., – Xylem now offers the Leopold Type 360 underdrain, a bolt down underdrain system for greenfield projects and water treatment filtration rehabilitation projects. The underdrain system has an innovative design concept where backwash water flows in a 360-degree pattern, increasing efficiency by up to 20%.

“The industry challenged us to create an underdrain that combines efficiency, straightforward installation and individually serviceable laterals,” said Matt Schomaker, regional sales manager for Xylem Treatment. “The Leopold Type 360 underdrain is completely different than anything else on the market. Our game-changing, bolt down underdrain design allows for longer filter runs, higher efficiencies, uses less backwash water and extends media life.”

Engineered for unsurpassed reliability, the Leopold Type 360 underdrain is the strongest bolt down solution on the market. With an uplift resistance above 15 psi, it can withstand most unexpected events like hydraulic surges (water hammer). It has a unique design featuring slots and orifices on the top, sides and bottom of the underdrain block to effectively clean the filtration media from every angle during the backwash process, completely eliminating media dead zones that develop in other systems due to gaps in their backwashing coverage. By washing 100 percent of the media in between each lateral, the Type 360 underdrain increases filter run times, reduces backwash water consumption and extends media filter life, resulting in lower operating costs and more energy savings.

The Type 360 underdrain is compatible with all standard flume and air configurations, and with lateral lengths over 40 feet, it is ideal for long filter runs and retrofits of existing filters. The modular underdrain blocks are easy to handle and snap together for quick and simple installation.

The Leopold Type 360 underdrain solves current water challenges for biologically active filtration systems, indirect and direct potable reuse applications, new drinking water applications addressing the EPA’s LT2 rules regarding contaminants of emerging concern (CECs), and the rehabilitation of existing media filters.

Key features and benefits

  • 360-degree backwash design – Revolutionary technology with 0.2 mm slots and orifices around the underdrain create a uniform air and water pattern, which avoids media dead zones between the laterals for effective backwashing and trouble-free operation.
  • Modular lateral design – Custom hold-down brackets secure the laterals and simplify installation and service of individual underdrains.
  • Uplift resistance >15 psi – With an uplift resistance above 15 psi, the Leopold Type 360 underdrain can withstand most unexpected events like hydraulic surges.
  • Durable reinforced polymer – Reinforced polymer provides maximum strength against harsh elements while reducing the overall equipment weight for easier transportation and installation. The polymer matrix is 100 percent corrosion-free to ensure a maximum filter lifetime.
  • Self-cleaning technology – Patent-pending design removes sediment buildup in the underdrain over time, making it the most reliable bolt down product on the market.

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