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Adani Group secures position as the largest solar company in the world

Parul Dubey on May 20, 2021 - in Energy, News

The Adani Group has secured its position as the world’s largest solar company, following today’s announcement that Adani Green Energy Ltd (AGEL) has acquired SB Energy Holdings Ltd, which will see AGEL achieve a total renewable energy capacity of 24.3GW.
The 24.3 GW would be enough energy to power more than 8.5 million homes, or nearly all the households in Australia (*9.2 million) each year.
Adani’s solar farm at Rugby Run in central Queensland is part of this portfolio, with a total capacity of 65 MW going into the regional Queensland grid, equivalent to powering about 27,500 homes each year.
CEO and Country Head for Adani Australia, Mr Lucas Dow, said today’s announcement from Adani Green Energy Limited demonstrated that as a global company they were walking the talk when it comes to delivering a sustainable energy mix.
“We have always said that both coal and renewables are needed to provide a reliable and affordable energy mix in order to meet current and future global energy demand,” Mr Dow said.
“The solution to the world’s energy needs is not one form of energy – it’s a combination of many energy sources.
“Having both renewables and fossil fuels in our businesses means that we can sustainably deliver energy to people in developing nations who are trying to improve living standards to the same level that we have enjoyed in western countries for decades.
“Today’s announcement demonstrates that energy companies have the ability to lead the way with a sensible approach to providing a global energy mix, that meets the needs of the western world without leaving people in developing nations behind in the process.”


*Source for average number of Australian households – Australian Bureau of Statistics


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