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‘Digital Twin Factory’ tri-party agreement creates new dawn for architecture and infrastructure

Parul Dubey on May 20, 2021 - in Corporate, News

This partnership is expected to have a major impact on driving down carbon-emissions in our major cities using Digital Twin Technology



Thousands of global smart city and infrastructure ‘build back better’ projects can now be enabled by a ‘Digital Twin Factory’ alliance between three companies.

Digital Twins – highly detailed virtual 3D models driven by massed data – have already been hailed as key to an expansive new age of sustainable and efficient architecture, planning, and infrastructure, also able to drive down carbon emissions in the face of Climate Change.

The roll-out of this pivotal technology is now being dramatically accelerated, say the three partners:

The Agile Fractal Grid (AFG) – developer of a ‘a fractal system of systems’ able to design and integrate new age communications, energy, and other infrastructures.

Cityzenith – creator of the revolutionary Digital Twin (DT) platform SmartWorldOS™ that will  power the new DT Factory rollout and is already committed to a ‘Clean Cities – Clean Future’ urban de-carbonization mission.

Fractal Twins– a new company established to deliver a fully supported and customized version of SmartWorldOS™, as a part of AFG’s ‘Fractal Family’ of products and services.

Their long-term agreement follows 2020 talks as AFG developed a comprehensive smart infrastructure and carbon-neutral, energy grid project and Cityzenith’s powerful and versatile SmartWorldOS™ was selected as the perfect fit for AFG’s own software platform services.

Cityzenith CEO Michael Jansen said: “We have since reached ‘critical mass’ by adding Fractal Twins to the mix, enabling us to accelerate creation of hundreds, or even thousands of DT projects that work off the same blueprint patterns.

“We can now go global with speeding post-COVID recovery and driving down global emissions to avoid the devastating human and economic cost of Climate Change.

“Effectively, we will create an ‘embedded’ SmartWorldOS™ Digital Twin studio – a ‘factory’ – to deliver at scale for Fractal Twins and AFG, customized to specific functionality, smart service applications – including energy grids, smart buildings, manufacturing, smart transportation, entertainment, healthcare and agriculture.

“Further, we are establishing a pipeline of cutting-edge projects, highlighting the potential of the merged platforms: clean, renewable energy infrastructure and transition projects in the US; a communications rollout across the US; smart cities in the US, Africa, and Canada; global port projects; and energy transition projects in Scandinavia.

AFG CEO John Reynolds said “This contract hot wires Cityzenith’s own versatile DT platform into our network to unlock enhanced opportunities and visions as the world seeks to build back better after COVID-19 and respond to the immense challenges posed by Climate Change.

“Smart cities, infrastructures and energy grids are the key to meeting that threat and the global ambitions set under the 2015 Paris Agreement.”

Fractal Twins CEO Ron Toll added: “This is an exciting opportunity not only for three ground-breaking companies, but for our world, as we enter a new age, one shaken by recent global events but alive to new technology and new directions.”



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About Cityzenith
Cityzenith is based in Chicago with offices in London and New Delhi. The company’s SmartWorldOS™ Digital Twin platform was created to support design, construction, and management of complex, large-scale building projects, properties, and real estate portfolios. Find out more at www.cityzenith.com 

About Agile Fractal Grid
Agile Fractal Grid is based in Boston with offices in Seattle, Provo, Charlotte, and Fort Myers. The company’s services platform provides important infrastructure for communications, distributed power at scale, edge computing, cybersecurity, and a variety of smart city applications for both industry and outright quality of living. Find out more at www.theagilefractalgrid.com

About Fractal Twins

Fractal Twins is based in Boston with offices in Fort Myers and Seattle. The company provides platform-based, digital twin ‘as a service’ support to a wide range of construction and management projects from individual buildings to entire smart cities, power generation facilities, and smart grids. Find out more at www.fractaltwins.com

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