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Asia-Pacific power plant tenders activity down 17% in July 2019

Parul Dubey on August 28, 2019 - in Energy, News

T&D Project stood at first place when compared with other power tender categories in the Asia-Pacific region in July 2019 with 300 tenders and a 48% share, followed by T&D Equipment with 126 tenders and a 20.2% share and Generation Equipment with 99 tenders and a 15.8% share during the month.

The proportion of tenders by category tracked by GlobalData in the month was as follows:

  1. Project Implementation: 75 tenders and an 89.3% share
  2. Repair, Maintenance, Upgrade & Others: six tenders and a 7.1% share
  3. Consulting & Similar Services: three tenders and a 3.6% share.

Solar is top technology for Asia-Pacific power plant tenders in July 2019

Looking at power plant tenders by the type of technology in the Asia-Pacific region, solar accounted for 75 tenders with an 89.3% share, followed by wind with four tenders and a 4.8% share and hydro with three tenders and a 3.6% share.

Asia-Pacific power plant tenders in July 2019: Top companies by capacity

The top issuers of power plant tenders for the month in terms of power capacity involved in Asia-Pacific were:

  1. Philippines Department of Energy (Philippines): 2,000MW from one tender
  2. Paschim Gujarat Vij (India): 600MW from one tender
  3. Adani Electricity Mumbai (India): 350MW capacity from one tender.


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