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archelios™ Suite 2019: The Greatest Performance Throughout all the Phases of the PV Project

Parul Dubey on April 25, 2019 - in News, Products

Trace Software International announces the launch of the latest version of the archelios™ suite, the software solution to manage the entirety of a wide range of PV projects such as rooftop photovoltaic installations, large solar power plants, grid-connected PV power or self-consumption systems. The tool includes three main applications- archelios™ Proarchelios™ Calc, and archelios™ O&M– to help professionals reaching the utmost precision and the greatest performance along with all the phases of the PV project: feasibility study and 3D design, electrical sizing and compliance, execution and PV monitoring.

Since 1987,  Trace Software International is providing advanced technological software solutions for the electrical engineering and PV industry.



archelios™ Pro

archelios™ Pro helps with the design of any PV installation. The newest features provide greater accuracy, including in the phase of the producible studies:

  • Bidirectional gateway SketchUp.  It is possible to edit, add/remove inverters, modify obstacles and redefine the layout without redoing the project.
    • Combiner box and Inverters’ string wiring update. It is possible to add, move and wire inverters and junction boxes and to define the exact location of these modules as well as the length of the strings.
    • Compatibility of the configuration of the junction boxes with archelios™ Calc. The automatic creation of junction boxes occurs at the design stage of the project.
    • East-West layout. The modules can be easily duplicated without the need to manually adjust the orientation.


archelios™ Calc

archelios™ Calc is a comprehensive software for the calculation, sizing, and verification of photovoltaic installations connected to the public network. The software includes a new feature that allows sizing an entire photovoltaic system for self-consumption of solar energy.

  • Distribution panel with the self-consumption view in the local connection type menu.The user can select the self-consumption option in the interface and manage the electrical parameters of the panel to which the installation is connected. The detailed synoptic of the self-consumption installation is provided without the energy meters.


archelios™ O&M

archelios™ O&M is the monitoring software for any PV installation. It brings all the benefits of the PVBIM digital model for an advanced operation and maintenance.

  • Alarm and notificationhistory for a deeper follow-up and study of the incident right until its resolution.
    • Satellite Meteorological Data. This feature allows providing more accurate weather reports in real time, avoiding unnecessary alarms.
    • Compatible Incidents in Currency Units.  Measuring losses due to communication or hardware malfunction in local currency (available in Europe).
    • Production Reports. Full reports available for download and sharing.


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