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Digital Advancement Academies Programs for ASEAN-ANZ in 2020

Parul Dubey on March 4, 2020 - in Announcement, Events, News
By Jakub Wachocki

I am excited to reveal our upcoming built environment industry-oriented activities for ASEAN-ANZ. Keep reading if you are interested in digital twins, digital engineering, IDD (Integrated Digital Delivery), BIM Level 2/3/4, ISO19650, 4D/5D digital construction, advanced analytics, performance insights, change management and international digital strategies. This year we will deliver 3 main industry knowledge exchange programs:

  1. Digital Twins Leadership Program – strategy and processes know-how for change leaders.
  2. Digital Workflows Program – revealing the tactical best practice related to the project and operational workflows.
  3. Industry Support Program – industry initiatives we actively support.

Click HERE to see our latest available industry-facing sessions.

Industry Knowledge Exchange Programs

Digital Advancement Academies form a global network partnering with industry organizations, design-build firms, and owner-operators around the world to share and create the best practice. Through the industry knowledge exchange programmes we source leading knowledge, acting as a catalyst for thought leadership and industry collaboration, to help define organisational digital vision, strategies and processes.

Digital Advancement Academies ensure the latest knowledge is shared and exchanged with industry, creating a lasting legacy that benefits society. Educating and onboarding owner-operators, contractors, and the supply chain involved in the creation and operation of assets helps ensure all collaborators fully understand the digital processes, standards, and deliverables necessary for successful project outcomes. In this way, Digital Advancement Academies act as catalysts to support and align the people, processes, and technology behind the significant benefits of going digital.

With their process-focused approach, the Digital Advancement Academies allow groups to meet in a neutral space to define desired outcomes—and, crucially, discuss why those outcomes matter. The Academies setting encourages industry leaders to collaborate and share their expertise and experience. As a result, they better understand how to apply and deliver digital processes, with communication that leverages each team member’s contribution, to achieve expected outcomes.

Digital Twins Leadership Program

The Program is part of the ongoing effort to equip the current and aspiring digital leaders and champions with the core knowledge to competently oversee and participate in the creation and the delivery of Digital Twin strategies. It will equip the participants with the key methodologies concerning the specification, procurement, creation, management, quality assurance and handover of the Digital Twin.

The Program is based on the international and local best practices (including ISO19650 and other British Standards, Singaporean guides etc) and on our experiences from mega-projects such as London Olympics, Crossrail, High Speed 2, MRT Line 3 Kuala Lumpur and many others. The key competencies will be immediately applicable to the day-to-day business operations while others will inform the creation of the future vision for your organisation. These best practices are continuously improved thanks to the interactions with over 22.000 attendees, who shared their lessons learnt within our network of connected hubs around the world for the last 8 years.

The advanced modules dive deeper into the subjects enabling the participants to acquire expert competency in the specific “building blocks” (e.g. creating AIRs, managing asset tagging, collaboration, innovation and legal frameworks and so on). These modules are delivered by request and are available to the Success Plan owners.

Upcoming Digital Twin Leadership sessions:

Digital Workflows Program

The Program covers the Digital Project and Operational Workflows and how these are supported by (or support the creation of) the Digital Assets (such as the Digital Twins) through the Digital Platforms. We will explore how to transition from current practices into the modern, digital ways of working and unveil the capabilities required for successful adoption of new behaviours.

Upcoming Digital Workflows sessions:

Industry Support Program in Singapore

DAAs partner with industry as a catalyst for collaborative thought leadership & knowledge exchange with the goal to enable better outcomes & assets with better information management across the whole asset lifecycle and to accelerate the transition of the industry towards a better, more innovative delivery models.

The below Industry Programs are actively supported by the DAA in Singapore and we invite anyone interested to join the preferred community.

Upcoming industry sessions:

  • 5.03 – Digital Infrastructure Community – Inaugural Webinar
  • 6.03 – Digital Twins Forum – Strategic Committee Meeting (by invitation only)
  • 1.04 – Digital Construction Network – DfMA (agenda coming soon)
  • 2.04 – Digital Underground Connect Workshop (see the latest summary HERE)
We are looking forward to engaging with you and your organisation. Most of the above sessions are available virtually to the participants outside of Singapore. If you have any questions with regards to the above activities please drop me a line or leave a comment below.

“Data and the related capabilities are the new intangible asset of the digitally-enabled enterprises, projects and professionals. We must learn how to leverage its full potential to stay competitive in the next 5 years” – Jakub Wachocki

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