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Planera Announces Scotland Foss as New Head of Sales

Parul Dubey on August 18, 2023 - in News, People

Industry veteran with over a decade of sales leadership experience joins innovative construction scheduling solution to expand customer base and build sales team  

San Jose, CA – August 17, 2023 Planera, a visual scheduling and planning solution helping construction companies build, analyze, and optimize project schedules to increase profitability, has named Scotland Foss as the company’s new Head of Sales. Drawing from over 10 years of documented success in sales and contributions to the growth of notable companies such as Autodesk Construction Cloud, Plangrid, and Scratchpad, Foss will scale Planera’s go to market strategy and revolutionize the construction scheduling and planning process throughout the industry. 

“Throughout his career, Scotland has demonstrated a talent for leading sales teams characterized by unity and the ability to make a tremendous impact on customers,” said Nitin Bhandari, Co-founder and CEO of Planera. “Paired with his knowledge of the construction industry, his experience successfully leading sales teams and enthusiasm for driving positive business outcomes for customers makes him an extremely valuable asset to Planera.” 

In his previous role as Plangrid’s Sales Manager, Foss played a critical role in scaling the company from 0 to $100M in ARR before being acquired by Autodesk for almost $1B. Following the acquisition, Foss served as Autodesk’s District Manager. He also served as Head of Sales for Scratchpad, a revenue team workspace that provides flawless sales execution, consistent process adherence, and accurate forecasting and insights. 

“It’s an honor to work in the construction industry, supporting the men and women who are building the infrastructure, schools, hospitals, data centers, bridges, and homes that we all depend on,” said Scotland Foss, Planera’s new Head of Sales. “Although the construction industry is full of creatives, the legacy systems that have been used are extremely outdated. Planera meets these professionals where they are, providing the best-in-class digital whiteboard experience. It delivers the robust capabilities of the leading legacy systems such as Gantt charts, critical path analysis, and resource loading, yet is intuitive enough that any team member can dive in and use the platform.” 

In his new role at Planera, Foss will be tasked with building the sales team, helping bring in new and diverse talent focused on positively impacting customers’ business outcomes. He will also travel to construction sites to meet with the professionals interacting with construction scheduling technology in order to better understand and meet the needs of Planera’s target customer-base. 

“The heart of a great construction outcome is an accurate bid and schedule, and Planera delivers an easy to use, intuitive collaboration and scheduling tool for today’s builders,” said Foss. “Many construction teams collaborate on physical whiteboards: they cover a wall with sticky notes, take a picture of it, and send the picture to a specialized scheduler, who then builds it out in an antiquated tool. Planera simplifies this process by providing a modern collaboration and scheduling tool that enables users to have a better way to get their work done and the business to have visibility, profitability, and projects completed on time.” 

About Planera  

Planera is a digital whiteboard tool that helps companies in the construction industry more accurately layout their scope of work, develop estimates and bids, and create a timeline for project completion. By combining the complex capabilities and innovation of legacy programs with the simplicity of spreadsheets, Planera serves as a comprehensive workflow management solution for contractors and other construction companies in both the residential and commercial sectors. With features that replicate the physical drawing board that these companies often utilize to map out their projects in a digital whiteboard format, Planera incorporates the visual nature of construction planning into a seamless dashboard with a plethora of other critical tools. 

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