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ForneyVault® – the Most Transformative Innovation in Materials Testing Introduces Further Capabilities

Parul Dubey on February 13, 2019 - in News, Technology

PITTSBURGH – Forney LP, the premier supplier of construction material testing equipment, is pleased to announce continuing upgrades to its transformative ForneyVault® technology.

ForneyVault® – a cloud based system, helps testing laboratories efficiently provide trustworthy test results owing to its auditable, unalterable test management capability.  The system improves productivity in the lab, affords the end user of the test data with a significantly higher level of confidence, and backstops the test lab’s proof of accurate, timely testing.

Just a few of the recently introduced enhancements to the system:

  • Bar code labelling allowing test machine retrieval of specimen attributes from ForneyVault® facilitating test machine “awareness” of test coupon properties.
  • Variance assessment allowing comparison to similar specimens or expected specifications
  • Deviation detection warning of a possibly faulty test

These enhancements are enabled by ForneyVault®‘s unique ability to “tell” the testing machine what is being tested.

Test machines, no matter how sophisticated, generally operate without supporting information – the machine is not “aware” of what is being tested, and technicians must individually decide how to set up and control the test.  And they cannot automatically compare subsequently generated test information with other information.  The technician forwards the information along for review, and problems are identified later.  Ideally, the test machine should compare immediate results to expected results, and then alert the technician so corrective action can be taken if necessary.  Test machines coupled with ForneyVault® are “aware” of what is being tested.  Essentially they become “smart” machines as they are provided with information allowing all parties a quicker, better understanding of material properties and test efficacy.

(Quote from Jeff Dziki, CEO):

“The powerful, sophisticated database underlying ForneyVault®, connected with increasingly digitized construction software systems enables this new generation of ‘aware,’ ‘smart’ machines.  It’s just another step in the transformation of the industry, and it’s been well received by the marketplace.  ForneyVault® equipped labs are now processing specimens at a rate exceeding 250,000 tests per year.  We expect that number to skyrocket over the next few years.”

To learn more about this and other fascinating technical advances at Forney contact us at 1.800.367.6397 or [email protected] or visit us at www.forneyonline.com

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