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Pipeline Renewal Technologies Offers New Sewer Rehab Cutter Bit Selection Poster

Parul Dubey on November 14, 2017 - in Water

RANDOLPH, NJ — Pipeline Renewal Technologies has released a new Rehab Cutter Bit Selection poster.  It serves as a visual guide for sewer rehab workers to follow when identifying the best cutter bit to use in any given sewer pipeline rehabilitation project. The poster outlines the optimal conditions for each cutter bit, and organizes bits by pipe size, pipe material and cutting task. As rehab contractors know, choosing the right bit increases productivity, generates better results, reduces bit wear, and can spare cutting robots needless extra punishment.

“To be profitable, pipeline rehabilitation needs to be done effectively and efficiently, and that requires the right tools,” says Jordan Eickelberger, Partner Manager for Pipeline Renewal Technologies. “Using the wrong cutter bit wastes time, puts excess strain on your equipment and can lead to faulty rehabilitation.”

The poster can be found at http://inbound.envirosight.com/cutter_bit_selector_reference_guide and is offered as part of Pipeline Renewal Technologies’ commitment to create and share resources that benefit the pipeline rehabilitation industry.


About Pipeline Renewal Technologies

Pipeline Renewal Technologies is an Envirosight company focused exclusively on the pipeline rehabilitation market. The company offers technologies for no-dig structural lateral connection; drain and mainline cutting; durable point repair; video drain flushing; and process measurement. A strong emphasis on support makes Pipeline Renewal Technologies the partner of choice for municipal contractors looking to gain a competitive edge with innovative technologies. Pipeline Renewal Technologies is a member of NASTT and NASSCO.

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