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NorthAmerican Transportation Association Awarded Three Year Contract by City of Pasadena

Parul Dubey on August 21, 2017 - in News, People

RENO, Nev. – NorthAmerican Transportation Association announced that the City of Pasadena has awarded NTA a three-year contract to provide “Consortium for DOT Drug and Alcohol Testing” of the city’s safety-sensitive employee positions.

It is notable that the NorthAmerican Transportation Association outbid JJ Keller and Quest Diagnostics plus 10 others to win the contract. NTA has always maintained that if you have a first class city or company, then you need a first class drug and alcohol program.

Using NTA’s Drug and Alcohol Testing Programs means that their facilities, operations, and personnel meet the highest standards in areas such as regulatory compliance, client confidentiality, accountability, company service standards, operational practices, business ethics, and professional competency for drug and alcohol testing program management.

A primary requirement of NTA’s program is that the principal(s) of NorthAmerican Transportation Association have attended comprehensive training on standards of program management and have passed an industry-developed exam on these policies and procedures.

NorthAmerican Transportation Association received their first accreditation on November 20, 2001. As a Nationally Accredited for Administration of Drug and Alcohol Testing Programs facility, NorthAmerican Transportation Association’s clients can be assured that they are committed to offering superior program services while adhering to the highest professional standards.

NorthAmerican Transportation Association is now recognized by industry professionals, State and Federal Agencies as providing superior services in the field of drug and alcohol testing program management that are in compliance with all regulations.

If you’re an NTA member and are not enrolled in our drug program, you may well be facing trouble in State and/or Federal compliance.

For more information about NTA’s program, you can visit our website at www.ntassoc.com or call us at (562) 279-0557 if you are within California and at 800-805-0040 outside of California.

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