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Atkins to Share Gas Storage Cavern Expertise at International Conference on Energy Geotechnics, Kiel

Parul Dubey on August 22, 2016 - in Announcement, Events

Professor Dr Evan Passaris, technical director in Atkins’ ground engineering practice, will present a paper about maximum operating pressure of gas storage caverns and he will chair a session at the International Conference on Energy Geotechnics (ICEGT) at Kiel University on 29 August.

Experts will gather at the ICEGT conference between 29 and 31 August to set out a large number of technical topics all relating to geotechnics. These include: CO2 sequestration, energy geo-storage and geo-structures, urban planning, numerical methods and algorithms, gas hydrate sediments, shallow & deep subsurface geo-thermal systems, experimental studies and material design, natural and hydraulic fractured reservoirs, nuclear waste deposits, challenges of energy infrastructures, oil sediments and tailings, and thermal, hydro, mechanical, and chemical (THMC) behaviour of geomaterials. The conference panels will provide a platform for interaction and communication among academic and non-academic parties, and practitioners from different research areas.

Increasing energy demand and the impact climate change is having on the development of sustainable energy systems has been the catalyst for establishing the ICEGT, the first conference of its kind, organised by the International Society for Soil Mechanics and Geotechnical Engineering (ISSMGE). Sustainable energy systems are based around the integration of energy production, transport, and transfer as well as energy storage, and the conference aims to focus on new developments and solutions for civil, environmental, and industrial applications.

Professor Dr Passaris will set out the steps Atkins has taken to address the question about maximum operating pressure of gas storage caverns, including the implementation of geomechanical numerical modelling of an underground gas storage facility in Cheshire.

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