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Arup Appointed Lead Building Designer for Kemsley energy from waste plant

Parul Dubey on August 12, 2016 - in Design/Engineering, Lifecycle

Arup will deliver the building design for a new combined heat and power facility which will convert household waste into steam and electricity in Kent, UK.

Wheelabrator Technologies’ new £340 million facility will divert 550,000 tonnes per annum of waste from Kent and the South East of England. This is waste that would otherwise have been sent to landfill sites or have been exported to Europe for treatment. The facility has also been designed to provide steam for the neighbouring papermill and will generate 43 megawatt (MW) of sustainable electricity at full capacity.

The project’s developers, Wheelabrator Technologies has now successfully reached an agreement with all parties on its plans to deliver the facility and construction is due to start on the project this month.
“To achieve financial close is a significant milestone and I’m very proud of our team for making this possible, and excited to welcome a second facility in the UK to our fleet.”

— Paul Green, Managing Director, Wheelabrator UK

Arup is the lead building designer and will be working closely with civil contractors Clugston Construction Ltd and principal contractor, CNIM Group, over the next 36 months to ensure the successful delivery of the project. The firm will provide civil, structural and geotechnical engineering, in addition to reviewing mechanical, electrical and plumbing building services.
“As an industry we are increasingly acknowledging how valuable waste is as a resource for generating energy, but also the treatment of waste through an Energy from Waste plant reduces greenhouse gas emissions. Facilities like these are shining examples of how great engineering can produce both environmental and economic benefits.”

— Ben Glover, Associate Director and Energy & Waste Buildings Business Leader, Arup

The Wheelabrator Kemsley facility is scheduled to begin operations in 2019 and is expected to create around 40 full time jobs.

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