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USA – Solid: Software/Hardware/Everywhere

Matt Ball on November 7, 2013 - in

The inaugural O’Reilly Solid Conference is where the new multi-disciplinary community forming around the convergence of software and hardware—engineers, researchers, roboticists, artists, founders of startups, and innovators—will gather to explore what lies ahead as software increasingly interacts with the physical world. This includes:

  • Business Leaders who want to surf the upcoming innovative disruption, stay competitive, and understand an uncharted business model where things are also services.
  • Software developers who create intelligent, cost-effective, and beautifully designed things.
  • Hardware engineers who want their elegantly engineered things to be connected, intelligent, and adaptive.
  • Innovators and Start-ups in the new digital industrial economy actively seeking the latest solutions to optimize efficiencies, increase productivity, attract funding, and grow.
  • Product Managers and Marketing Execs looking for new ways to connect with customers in an era of screen fatigue and fragmented attention.
  • Academics carrying out the basic research in engineering and the sciences that will enable the connected world.
  • Government Policy Makers and Engineers who define, nourish, and build connected infrastructure like intelligent transportation and better social-services delivery.
  • Investors who want to stay ahead of this wave of disruption—and prosper from it.
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