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3DXB Group Participates in Energy & Sustainability Summit to address Decarbonization in Construction in the UAE

Parul Dubey on March 26, 2024 - in Announcement, Events

Dubai, UAE, 26 March 2024- 3DXB Group, a leading provider of innovative 3D printing construction technologies, has successfully concluded its participation in the Energy & Sustainability Summit, held at the Habtoor Grand Resort in Dubai.

Endorsed by the Dubai Supreme Council of Energy, the 3rd Energy & Sustainability Summit served as a pivotal platform for industry leaders, government officials, and stakeholders to collaborate on advancing sustainability efforts post COP28. This year’s summit emphasized the urgent need for the construction and energy sectors to accelerate decarbonization initiatives and achieve Net Zero goals.

“Dubai has issued decree regulating the use of 3D printing in the construction sector in the emirate. The decree intends to promote Dubai as a regional and international hub for 3D printing technology. The legislation aims to improve efficiencies in construction projects, increase the competitiveness of the local industry, reduce waste and attract leading companies in the sector to Dubai as part of a larger plan to spur economic growth and promote the adoption of advanced technologies in the emirate. Our participation in such events go in line with contributing in implementing this decree,” said Badar Rashid AlBlooshi, Chairman of 3DXB Group.

Bassel Khaled, Technical & Factory Manager at 3DXB, shared insights as a distinguished panellist in the discussion on ‘Sustainable Materials and Decarbonizing Construction Sites.’ The panel addressed crucial topics including reducing embodied carbon, identifying alternative materials, and exploring innovative technologies like 3D printing for sustainable development.

“In our pursuit of sustainable development, prioritizing eco-friendly materials in supply chains is crucial,” remarked Khaled. “At 3DXB, we leverage our network to ensure a steady flow of sustainable products, thus contributing to industry-wide decarbonization efforts.”

Khaled also emphasized the transformative potential of 3D printing and modular construction technologies in advancing sustainable development, highlighting their efficiency gains and resource savings.

“Technologies like 3D printing offer opportunities to streamline processes and minimize waste,” said Khaled. “These innovations hold the key to unlocking sustainable development globally, and 3DXB is at the forefront of their implementation.”

“We are honored to have participated in the Energy & Sustainability Summit, contributing to vital discussions on decarbonization in construction,” said Bassel Khaled. “At 3DXB, we are committed to pioneering sustainable solutions that drive positive change in the industry, and this summit provided an invaluable platform to exchange ideas and strategies with fellow thought leaders.”

As a market leader in sustainable construction technologies, 3DXB Group remains dedicated to advancing the industry’s transition towards eco-friendly practices and materials, ultimately contributing to a more sustainable built environment for future generations.

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