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one.network Signs Three-Year Agreement to Pilot and Deploy Its Roadway Disruption Management Platform in Altamonte Springs, Florida

Parul Dubey on March 18, 2024 - in News, Transportation

one.network will be part of a safety and mobility initiative, and will collaborate on advancing transportation communications and data transparency in one of Central Florida’s most innovative cities.


ALTAMONTE SPRINGS, Florida, March 15, 2024 – one.network, a leading digital work zone and road management platform provider, today announced an agreement with the city of Altamonte Springs, Florida to deploy the company’s Live Link work zone safety module and Network Monitor, its traffic insights module which uses real-time data to assess network efficiency. Altamonte Springs is just north of Orlando and is bisected by Interstate 4, the main highway between Tampa, Orlando and Daytona Beach. It is also home to State Roads 434 and 436, regionally recognized as two of the busiest surface streets in the area. Altamonte Springs City Manager Frank Martz believes the agreement showcases the city’s promise to its residents. “At the City of Altamonte Springs, we are dedicated to embracing innovation as a catalyst for progress,” he said. “This partnership with one.network underscores our commitment to exploring new solutions that elevate the quality of life for our community.”

Live Link will allow road construction, utility and event contractors working in the city to notify GPS mapping providers about road disruptions directly from the roadside, using an intuitive cell phone application. For the first time, construction crews will be able to contribute to their own safety in near real-time, sharing information on the exact location of work zones and whether they are active, have detours, or require speed changes.

As part of this agreement, Altamonte Springs staff will also have access to one.network’s Network Monitor module that provides mid-size and smaller cities with the power of a traffic control center for network management and incident response. Network Monitor highlights severe and non-typical congestion, tracking average speed, delay times and queue lengths around work zones, events and incidents. Traffic managers in Altamonte Springs will be able to use one.network’s real-time map to monitor traffic hotspots and relate them to their root causes.

Simon Topp, one.network’s Chief Commercial Officer, said the City of Altamonte Springs is the perfect venue for Live Link and Network Monitor. “Altamonte is known regionally and nationally for its innovation,” he said. “With its combination of major local roads and proximity to Interstate 4, the city is committed to managing congestion and keeping drivers safe. We share that motivation.”

The city and company will use a phased approach to deploy the new solutions, and will share knowledge to continually improve outcomes during the project. The public will be able to see results of the initiative on web pages specifically designed for the task.

The contract with Altamonte Springs expands one.network’s already extensive reach in Florida. The company is already working statewide with the Florida Department of Transportation, and regionally with the Tampa Hillsborough Expressway Authority, Central Florida’s Turnpike Enterprise and the Central Florida Expressway Authority. Said Topp, “We are committed to improving road safety and efficiency for the residents of Florida. Adding Altamonte Springs to the communities we serve is really exciting.”

From permitting to publication, one.network is a leading provider of end-to-end solutions for digital right-of-way management in the US and UK. For more information or to sign up for email alerts, please visit https://one.network/us.

About one.network 

one.network is on a mission to transform road operations.

We empower those responsible for managing and maintaining our roads, enabling them to collaborate seamlessly and share live, accurate information about road network disruptions with every regional stakeholder and the public.

one.network equips road agencies, utility companies, and all organizations that rely on clear roads with tools to plan, communicate, and analyze activities affecting road users.

one.network was recently acquired by Causeway Technologies. 

About Causeway Technologies

Causeway Technologies was founded in 1999 by chief executive, Phil Brown. Headquartered in Buckinghamshire in the UK, it now serves over 3,000 customers globally with over 500 employees dedicated to providing enterprise and cloud software solutions to support the digitalisation of the construction and maintenance industries, serving consultants, contractors, suppliers, and their clients on an international scale.

About the City of Altamonte Springs

Altamonte Springs is a city born of innovation, fiscal responsibility and progressive ideas. The City is completely debt free and maintains one of the lowest tax rates in Florida. City leadership, staff, residents and local businesses share a vision of making Altamonte Springs the best place in Florida to live, work, raise a family, earn a degree, seek medical care, build a business and more. Few locations in the state offer the robust services Altamonte Springs provides at such a low cost. From forward-thinking projects and proactive initiatives to an evolving business climate and environmentally-friendly projects, Altamonte Springs has set an example for other municipalities by striving to work beyond the typical constraints of local government.

The City has a perfect blend of community spirit and bustling activities that help create a wholesome environment for residents and visitors alike. Residential tree-lined streets and beautiful, natural parks reflect the charming and unique character of what locals call home. Not to mention, the City’s robust events program is the most exciting in the region; all generously funded by the area’s corporate sponsors. Hosting more than one million visitors each year, Altamonte Springs’ programs infuse into the community a sense of excitement and entertainment, while enriching its diverse social fabric.

For more information, please visit https://us.one.network.

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