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World Water Works Inc. Upgrades Existing Treatment System For Pet Food Manufacturer

Parul Dubey on September 28, 2023 - in News, Wastewater, Water

World Water Works Inc. (WWW) recently upgraded a pet food manufacturing facility’s dissolved air flotation (DAF) system, improving the plant’s wastewater treatment capacity. WWW designed and built the new DAF system to provide two to three times greater treatment capacity while reducing energy consumption.

Based in Nebraska, the pet food manufacturer was in the process of expanding its production capacity. However, the plant’s aging stainless steel DAF system could not meet new treatment demands for total suspended solids (TSS), fats, oils and greases (FOG) and insoluble biochemical oxygen demand (BOD) particulate matter.

WWW delivered the new DAF system at a lower cost within the required eight-week turnaround time. Designed for a flow rate of 120 gallons per minute, the new system fits into a footprint similar to that of the prior unit, facilitating installation and freeing the manufacturer from having to make physical expansions or adjustments to equipment. WWW also provided a temporary DAF system to maintain compliance and avoid production downtime during the transition from the old system to the new system.

Thanks to its polypropylene construction and zero moving parts below the water’s surface, the new DAF system can endure harsh operating conditions over a long service life with minimal maintenance. Now fully operational, the new unit has enabled the pet food manufacturer to lower its operating costs while meeting expanded wastewater treatment demands.

For more information, please visit www.worldwaterworks.com.

About World Water Works Inc.
World Water Works is a global designer and manufacturer of advanced water and wastewater treatment solutions with a design philosophy focused on performance, flexibility and longevity to yield the best water quality at the lowest life cycle costs. Incorporated in 1998, the company recognizes the need for ethical product commitment and continual innovation in water technology. Executing these goals has enabled World Water Works to establish strong and meaningful long-term relationships and partnerships with both municipal and industrial customers. It is a passionate and adaptable company providing value through expertly engineered solutions and technologies.


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