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Zekelman Industries Expands ZI-Strut™ Offering

Parul Dubey on September 21, 2023 - in News, Products

ZI-Strut on Display at NECA 2023 Conference, Wheatland Tube booth 1658 and Western Tube/Picoma booth 1548


PHILADELPHIA – Zekelman Industries, the leading manufacturer of electrical conduit and elbows, couplings, and nipples in North America, today announced a significant expansion of its ZI-Strut™ metal framing and accessories product line. The strut and accessories, which range from clamps and fittings to brackets and threaded rods, can be co-loaded with steel conduit from Western Tube and Wheatland Tube to arrive in one hassle-free delivery.

Manufactured at American facilities, ZI-Strut™ is cold-formed from hot-rolled, structural grade carbon steel and engineered with half-slot, full-slot, and solid construction. ZI-Strut also offers:

  • interchangeability with industry-standard channel profiles
  • conformity to ASTM A1011 for hot-rolled steel and ASTM A653 for continuous pre-galvanized steel to prevent corrosion
  • a smooth and uniform surface finish in the galvanized channel
  • nearly 1,000 accessories that are interchangeable with competing alternatives.

“With multiple finishes, sizes and punch configurations plus accessories to fit any job, ZI-Strut is truly a one-stop shop for the majority of strut installations,” said Todd Walrod, VP of Electrical with Wheatland Tube, a division of Zekelman Industries. “We have the products you need when you need them, all arriving in the same load from a domestic manufacturer backed by the best service in the industry.”

The expanded ZI-Strut line is available through Wheatland Tube and Western Tube and their nationwide network of sales agents and electrical distributors.

ZI-Strut will also be on display at the NECA 2023 Conference in Philadelphia, September 29 – October 2, 2023. Visit Wheatland Tube booth 1658 or Western Tube/Picoma booth 1548 to learn more.

For more information on ZI-Strut, including product specifications, availability, placing orders and shipping, please visit https://www.wheatland.com/products/zi-strut or https://www.westerntube.com/products/zi-strut/.

About Zekelman Industries

Zekelman Industries includes the operating divisions of Atlas Tube, Picoma, Sharon Tube, Wheatland Tube, Western Tube and Z Modular. It is the largest independent manufacturer of hollow structural sections (HSS) and steel pipe, and the top producer of electrical conduit and elbows, couplings and nipples in North America. Zekelman Industries delivers a broad range of pipe and tube solutions that build its customers’ success. For more information, visit zekelman.com

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