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Energy and Regulatory Experts, Capital Providers Discuss Impact of Inflation Reduction Act at Annual Renewable Energy Leadership Conference

Parul Dubey on August 23, 2023 - in Announcement, News

HOUSTONRenewable Energy Alliance – Houston and Rice Business Executive Education today convened the Second Annual Renewable Energy Leadership Conference at Rice University to explore the impacts of the Inflation Reduction Act, a year after it was signed into law. 

Today’s discussion provided an opportunity for voices from leading renewable energy companies, the U.S. Department of Energy and capital providers to discuss the impact the IRA has had on Houston and beyond, and what to expect going forward.

“I’m pleased to convene this panel of energy and regulatory experts today to discuss the Inflation Reduction Act, a step-change for U.S. energy policy. The impressive array of historic investments made in renewable technology, carbon capture and storage, hydrogen and more demonstrate the concrete steps we are taking toward a lower-carbon future,” REAL Houston Board Chair Kay McCall said. “What we heard from the diverse voices gathered here today bodes well for the coming decades in energy – all but one from Houston – bodes well for the coming decades in energy, and Houston’s role in transforming the industry.”

“As a premier business school, we proudly unite diverse stakeholders with a common purpose: revolutionizing renewable energy,” Rice Business Executive Education Executive Director Michael Koenig said. “With unwavering commitment, we steer toward a greener future, knowing businesses redefine energy’s landscape.” 

“The Inflation Reduction Act’s expansion of important federal tax incentives has given rise to a surge in investments within the renewable and clean energy sector – a strategic imperative for bolstering energy security,” remarked John Berger, CEO of Sunnova. “A year into its enactment, this transformative legislation continues to yield dividends, equipping both residential and commercial customers – including those in historically underserved communities – with a more affordable and more reliable source of energy.”

“The IRA has created an incredible growth opportunity for the renewable energy industry – allowing clean energy projects to accelerate faster than ever to further the energy transition,” EDP Renewables North America CEO Sandhya Ganapathy said. “The IRA’s incentives and subsidies are also helping to lower electricity costs for consumers and make already affordable renewable energy even more economical. This legislation has created a fantastic opportunity for our industry and for consumers who want clean energy at affordable prices.” 


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