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Avvir Announces Key Product Enhancements to Minimize Discrepancies in Construction, Protecting Budgets and Timelines

Parul Dubey on July 24, 2023 - in News, Products, Technology

New York, NY – Avvir, an automated risk analysis company for the construction industry, today announced a number of enhancements across its product offerings that will further improve customer efficiency, accuracy, and advance Avvir’s mission of automating workflow for contractors. Alongside the announcement of these product updates, Avvir has also released a new case study with Ryan Companies, the national builder, developer, designer, and real estate manager based in Minneapolis. The case study highlights a partnership between Avvir and Ryan in which the developer leveraged new reality capture hardware and data to create a comprehensive digital view of the job site and improve visibility into the construction process as it’s happening.

A major pain point in the construction industry that Avvir aims to solve is discrepancies between plans and the physical build that can wreak havoc on project budgets and timelines. In order to help to combat this issue, Avvir is releasing a new grouping deviations feature, making it easier for users to take action on critical deviations and manage and organize deviated elements within the platform efficiently. Additionally, the platform will now include 5D cost tracking capabilities, enabling users to track the cost associated with installation progress for both modeled and non-modeled items in a unified manner, ensuring that no aspect of the project is overlooked. Other platform updates being launched in order to improve the user experience overall include new keyboard shortcuts, an enhanced capture tool that includes element names and refined deviation information, and a map update that lets users seamlessly navigate through their BIM in 2D.

“We are continuously striving to improve the Avvir platform to be the most advanced and valuable addition to our customer’s toolbelt,” said Matt Curry, Head of Product at Avvir. “These new developments will improve the user experience by making it easier to take action and address job site issues, get more unique insights from their data, and ultimately save time and resources.”

Avvir and Ryan have released a case study that details the findings surrounding their work together on building the Jewel & Jim Plumb Heart Center, a 72,000-square- foot building on the Mercy Cedar Rapids (Iowa) Hospital campus. Ryan’s goal in engaging in this partnership was to leverage a platform that would allow them to make the data that the company previously had on hand actionable while simultaneously gaining new data insights to run a more efficient and transparent project. Using Avvir, Ryan was able to disseminate the inherent risks to its team, increasing awareness and keeping all vendors on the same page. This allowed the team to manage challenges better and spend more time focused on finding solutions rather than uncovering problems. Avvir assisted the Ryan team in quick onboarding to easily utilize reality capture and laser scanning, helping all team members understand how to leverage the data insights it provides. The case study ultimately showcases the success of the partnership, which resulted in a state-of-the-art new build in just under three years that was delivered on time with the help of BIM technology.

“Having a partner who can help you get the most out of your team is invaluable. Using tools like Avvir means less time is needed to find problems with the resources that you do have, so senior resources can be effective in solving the issues and being proactive in the management of the project,” said Lucas Manos, Senior Innovation Manager at Ryan. “Avvir and its team did a great job creating reports and pulling out the essential data for us, and utilizing the platform improved our communication and efficiency tenfold.”

Looking ahead, Avvir is focused on developing a new Custom Deviation Reports feature that will revolutionize how users analyze and report critical installation deviations, empowering them to take control of their projects and close the loop on installation errors before they lead to schedule delays. The team looks forward to releasing this new feature as well as others aimed at continuously improving how construction teams operate in the modern built world.

To download the case study, please click here, and for more information on Avvir, please visit Avvir.io

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