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Specification Section: Steel Specification and Design/Fabrication Software Guide 2018

Parul Dubey on April 16, 2018 - in Directory, Steel and Steel Design

Read below for a selection of software products, steel component manufacturers and industry associations. This brief listing is meant to introduce you to leading software and engineered products, with Web addresses to access further information. If we missed your company, email [email protected], and we’ll add it to our online catalog.

American Institute of Steel Construction

The American Institute of Steel Construction (AISC), headquartered in Chicago, is a non-partisan, not-for-profit technical institute and trade association established in 1921 to serve the structural steel design community and construction industry in the United States. AISC’s mission is to make structural steel the material of choice by being the leader in structural-steel-related technical and market-building activities, including: specification and code development, research, education, technical assistance, quality certification, standardization, market development, and advocacy. AISC has a long tradition of service to the steel construction industry providing timely and reliable information.

Steel Solutions Center
[email protected]
866-ASK-AISC (866-275-2472)

Applied Bolting Technology

Applied Bolting Technology produces DuraSquirt DTIs (Direct Tension Indicators) that supply a bright orange indication when bolts have been tensioned,
making tight bolts easy to see. DuraSquirt DTIs economize steel erection and modularization while adhering to RCSC/AISC structural bolting specifications.

Visit the Applied Bolting booth to learn what Bechtel, Fluor, CB&I, Kiewit and PCL already know.

Chris Curven
[email protected]

American Galvanizers Association

The American Galvanizers Association (AGA) is a not-for-profit trade association dedicated to serving the needs of specifiers, architects, engineers, contractors, fabricators and after-fabrication hot-dip galvanizers throughout North America. Since 1933, the AGA has provided information on the most-innovative applications and state-of-the-art technological developments in hot-dip galvanizing for corrosion control. 

The AGA provides a number of free tools for specifiers, including PDF publications, Galvanize It! continuing education series, a free quarterly email newsletter for specifiers, and an online protection coatings Life-Cycle Cost Calculator (LCCC).

Additionally, the AGA routinely publishes technical FAQs (Dr. Galvs) and KnowledgeBase articles addressing common specifier concerns as well as a variety of case studies in the AGA Project Gallery at galvanizeit.org/project-gallery. All of these tools and more can be found on the AGA’s website.

Melissa Lindsley
[email protected]

ArcelorMittal International

ArcelorMittal is the world’s largest producer of structural steel shapes and has served the U.S. market for more than 80 years. Our ASTM A913/50, 65 and 70 steel offers superior characteristics, including high yield strengths, excellent toughness and outstanding weldability—in most cases without preheating. We produce all domestically rolled wide-flange sections in addition to numerous heavy W14s, W36s and W40s that are not available domestically.

Shelley Finnigan
[email protected]

Atlas Tube

Atlas Tube is the leading producer of steel HSS in North America, delivering the shortest cycle times and largest size range in the industry. We roll most sizes of A1085 HSS every three weeks or less, and complete details can be found at atlastube.com/astm-a1085. Now in stock at service centers in the western United States, there’s no reason not to spec A1085 HSS, the industry’s strongest support for your projects! Atlas HSS are available in squares up to 20 inches and 0.188-0.875-inch wall thickness, rectangles up to 24 by 12 inches and 0.188-0.750-inch wall thickness, and rounds up to 20 inches and 0.188-0.625-inch wall thickness. Contact Atlas Tube to speak with our structural engineer and learn more about ASTM A1085 HSS.

Jim Erhart
[email protected]

Autodesk Inc.

Autodesk Inc. is a leader in 3D design, engineering and entertainment software. Since its introduction of AutoCAD® software in 1982, Autodesk continues to develop the broadest portfolio of 3D software for global markets. Autodesk offers a number of tools for the structural industry, including:

Robot™ Structural Analysis Professional

Provides engineers with advanced BIM-integrated structural analysis and tools that design the behavior of any structure type and verify code compliance.


A single software application that supports a
multi-discipline BIM workflow from concept to construction. Use Revit to model designs with precision, optimize performance and collaborate more effectively.

Advance Steel

Steel detailing software built on the familiar AutoCAD platform. Structural engineers, steel detailers and fabricators use Advance Steel to help accelerate design, steel detailing, steel fabrication and steel construction.

Get these products and more in the Architecture, Engineering & Construction Collection, which gives you access to a set of integrated tools and powerful workflows so you can deliver your best work and stay competitive.

Kristin Crawford
[email protected]

Bentley Systems Inc.

Bentley offers structural and bridge engineers and designers comprehensive design and analysis software.

• Structures: Eliminate the gap between analytical and physical models in your structural designs and consider multiple design alternatives faster than ever before with Bentley Structural Analysis applications. The CONNECT Edition brings you more speed, interoperability and efficiency improvements than ever before!

• Bridges: Bentley bridge applications gives you the tools to create, analyze and manage bridge projects of all types. Perform parametric modeling, streamlined analysis, design, and load-rating of straight and curved I-girder and box-girder bridges with Bentley.

[email protected]


AVEVA’s fabrication software suite provides class-leading productivity for the detailed design and fabrication of structural steelwork, enabling rapid, high-quality fabrication and construction for on-time, on-budget, integrated project execution.

AVEVA has combined AVEVA Bocad™, the most-powerful, productive and complete structural steel detailing solution, with AVEVA FabTrol™, the global market-leading information and production management system for steel fabrication. The result is the world’s most-powerful and integrated end-to-end solution available for the steel fabrication industry.

Together, AVEVA Bocad and AVEVA FabTrol are driving the Future of Steel Fabrication—continually creating new capabilities to transform the structural steel industry.

Sara Melendrez
[email protected]


Bluebeam Revu is the project efficiency and collaboration solution trusted by more than 1 million AEC professionals worldwide. Since 2002, Bluebeam has made smart and simple desktop, mobile and cloud-based solutions for paperless workflows that utilize PDF to share metadata, hyperlinks, bookmarks, images, attachments and 3D data downstream. By leveraging PDF, an open-source format, Revu enables a common project environment that allows architects, engineers, estimators, contractors and building owners to maintain data integrity, improve communication and streamline processes.

[email protected]

Bull Moose Tube

Founded in 1962, Bull Moose Tube boasts more than a half-century of steadfast commitment to serving customers requiring steel pipe and tube. One key contributor to our quality is our unique manufacturing method.

Bull Moose forms tube directly from steel coil, eliminating a mother tube or prior stage process. This approach enables us to start with only the highest grade steel, create less scale, form sharper corners, craft the straightest tube, and make the most consistent welds. 

Unique products include our 110 KSI Stratusteel™ tube, the strongest, lightest tube in the market. Our seven manufacturing facilities in North America help ensure consistent product availability, while our sales team maintains straightforward and transparent business practices for consistent reliability. Choose Bull Moose for exceptional strength.

[email protected]


BuildSteel is a partnership of cold-formed steel framing (CFS) manufacturers, suppliers, producers and industry organizations offering educational resources and complementary project assistance for building professionals.

BuildSteel provides solutions to help building professionals make the best building decisions for successful multifamily and non-residential projects.

BuildSteel.org brings together the collective knowledge from the leading CFS companies and associations, providing a vast depth of trustworthy framing resources and expertise through blogs, case studies, infographics, videos, technical documents and more focused on helping overcome construction obstacles with steel framing.

For more information about BuildSteel, to request complimentary project assistance, or sign up for the latest information and resources in cold-formed steel framing, visit www.buildsteel.org.

Dan Snyder
[email protected]

CoreBrace LLC

CoreBrace buckling-restrained braces (BRBs) are a cost effective solution to improve the seismic performance of structures. This highly ductile system has been used in hundreds of projects for earthquake risk mitigation. The expert staff at CoreBrace works closely with project owners, architects, engineers, fabricators and erectors to meet their design and construction requirements and is committed to providing braces to the highest level of quality. CoreBrace’s state-of-the-art fabrication facility is dedicated to BRB fabrication to ensure the highest quality and to provide thorough material traceability for any post-event investigations.

[email protected]


Dlubal offers powerful programs for structural and dynamic analysis for multiple materials including steel, concrete, timber, cross-laminated timber (CLT), aluminum, glass, and fabric/form-finding per the American, Canadian and other International Standards.

RFEM is a nonlinear FEA program for analyzing member, plate, wall, shell, and solid elements. It is one of the most highly sophisticated yet user-friendly programs, especially suitable for new users with its intuitive modeling workflow. 

Due to a wide range of interfaces, RFEM also provides seamless integration between CAD and structural analysis programs in Building Information Modeling (BIM).  Bidirectional data exchange between RFEM and programs such as Tekla Structures, Autodesk Revit and AutoCAD are possible.

See why more than 5,000 engineering offices, construction companies, and universities across the world trust in Dlubal Software.

Amy Heilig, P.E.
[email protected]

Infra-Metals Co.

Infra-Metals is one of the largest structural-steel service providers in the United States. We tailor our centers to meet the needs of the regions they supply as well as maintain a steadfast commitment to providing high-quality materials and service promptly and economically.

Our extensive inventory features products ranging from beams and tubes to sheets, channels and expanded metal, and our processing capabilities include everything from cutting and drilling to blasting and painting. Infra-Metals is a one-stop shop for all your structural carbon steel needs.

As a member of the Reliance Steel & Aluminum Co. family, Infra-Metals serves as a consolidated source for materials and processing, streamlining our clients’ procurement procedures.

Dean Tieman
[email protected]


FICEP S.p.A. of Northern Italy has become the principal supplier of structural steel and plate fabrication equipment in the world market during the last 10 years. For example, FICEP currently controls approximately 75 percent of the world market for structural-steel and plate-processing systems.

In October 2002, FICEP S.p.A. founded a new subsidiary, Forest Hill, Md.-based FICEP Corp., to address the sales and service requirements of North America. Since the beginning, FICEP Corp. has sold hundreds of CNC lines in North America. This subsidiary is engaged in the manufacturing, sales and service of new FICEP equipment, plus the rebuilding of used structural steel fabrication equipment.

Our sales and service team averages more than 20 years of experience strictly selling and servicing equipment for the structural steel fabrication industry. Please take this opportunity to browse our web site and learn more about the FICEP advantage! 

Andy Overton
[email protected]

Integrated Engineering Software

For quick, correct answers to structural analysis and design questions, turn to VisualAnalysis. For more than 25 years, engineers have found VisualAnalysis to be extremely easy to learn and use, amazingly versatile, and backed by friendly, responsive technical support.

What makes IES different? Run a free trial in 3 minutes. All pricing is public. Bug-fixes are free and published quickly and openly. Licensing is practical. We are engineers who create products to use. Discover for yourself how thousands of professionals (like you) have improved VisualAnalysis with every question, complaint and suggestion. Try IES VisualAnalysis today: no obligation, no sales calls, and it uninstalls cleanly.

Terry Kubat
[email protected]


Established in 1934, Lindapter is the world’s innovator of unique steel-to-steel connection systems. Whether permanent or temporary, Lindapter has a solution for the most-difficult steel connections. Lindapter Hollo-Bolts are one-side installation “blind fasteners” ideal for use with HSS members, building facades/skins or any other application where you can’t easily see/reach the backside of the bolt to apply a nut. They’re the world’s strongest blind fastener, with ICC approvals for all seismic regions.

Lindapter Girder-Clamps are ideal for securing steelwork where it’s physically/financially impractical to weld or drill holes in the field. No drilling or welding results in unparalleled flexibility and time savings during installation, but also eliminates hot permits and associated costs.

Patrick Harris
[email protected]
866-566-BOLT (2658)


For more than 25 years, ITT Enidine has been supplying highly engineered energy-absorption components for protecting high-value infrastructure assets. Our viscous dampers are hydraulic devices that dissipate the kinetic energy of seismic events and cushion the impact between structures. They are versatile and can be designed to allow free movement as well as controlled damping of a structure to protect from wind load, thermal motion or seismic events.

Available in ratings up to 1,000 KIP, seismic dampers are well suited for large displacement and/or large load applications such as bridges, buildings and large structures, offering the ultimate in protection. Contact us today to learn more about our full line of infrastructure protection products.

Ben Eder
[email protected]

New Millennium Building Systems

New Millennium engineers and manufactures a full range of structural steel building systems. We can offer you the right system to answer your design challenges and the need for total-project cost conservation.

Standard Steel Joists and Deck

The company is a leader in BIM-based design for steel joists and decking. BIM ensures the structure is fully planned from the start to avoid construction problems and costs. We offer a FREE BIM joist component for download: www.newmill.com/bim-design-tools/bim-design.html

Special Profile Joists and Architectural Decking

These kinds of joists and decks allow for more-unique and aesthetically pleasing designs, enhancing the profile of a building.

Long-Span Composite Floor Systems

These “thin-slab” systems achieve clear spans up to 36 feet, opening the way to more space-optimized building designs. Systems address aesthetic, acoustic and fire-rating demands, while minimizing the total project cost and owners’ lifecycle costs.

Rich Madden
[email protected]


Sophisticated, intuitive, versatile. LARSA 4D BRIDGE SERIES is recognized as the premier software for bridge engineers and is informed by three decades of experience working closely with our loyal client base. 4D BRIDGE SERIES fully integrates modeling, analysis, and design across one powerful and intuitive interface to streamline analytical tasks and improve decisions. Experience refined analysis in a single information-rich environment that easily defines complex geometries, nonlinear behavior and seismic response with unrivaled accuracy. Contact us today to see why LARSA 4D is the trusted standard at leading DOTs for the modeling of complex steel girder bridges that require AASHTO-compliant Code Check and Load Rating.

John Horner
[email protected]

MDX Software

MDX Software Curved & Straight Steel Bridge Design & Rating is used for designing and rating steel-girder bridges for compliance with AASHTO LRFD, LRFR, LFD, and ASD Specifications.

Chris Douty
[email protected]

MMFX Technologies, a Commercial Metals Company (CMC)

MMFX Technologies offers high-strength concrete-reinforcing steels (ChrōmX®) with varying levels of corrosion resistance. Designers utilize the high-strength efficiencies and best match the corrosion protection requirements of the structure to meet the targeted service life. 

Utilizing the high strength of ChrōmX rebar (Grades 100 and 120), designers reduce construction costs, shorten build times, resolve rebar congestion issues, enhance site safety and improve sustainability. Building codes and design guides supporting high-strength designs are available through the ACI, ICC and AASTHO.

ChrōmX rebar’s uncoated corrosion-resistance is derived from the steel’s chemistry and microstructure, resulting in a bar that can be handled and fabricated like conventional rebar, without the risk of damage, repair or inspection issues. CMC’s acquisition of MMFX expands product manufacturing and availability coast-to-coast—product can be purchased in truckload quantities mill direct. Fabrication services are also offered through CMC’s nationwide distributor network, making MMFX Technologies the one-stop solution for all corrosion-resistant and high-strength steel needs.

Salem Faza
[email protected]

Nucor Grating

A manufacturer/supplier of high-quality bar gratings for major capital projects around the world. Typical industry applications include commercial buildings; mining and smelting; power generating stations; oilfields and refineries; chemical plants; water treatment facilities; and pulp and paper producers.

Nucor Grating products include:

• Bar Grating (Carbon Steel, Stainless Steel, Aluminum)

• Welded

• Riveted

• Press-Locked

• Fiberglass (FRP) Grating

[email protected]

Nucor Tubular Products

Nucor Tubular Products (NTP) is a leading manufacturer of carbon steel pipe and tubing. NTP produces steel pipe and tube to ASTM specifications, including but not limited to A500, A513, A847, A252 and A1085. Square Tubing is manufactured from ½” to 10” along with comparable Rectangles. Wall thickness ranges from 18 gauge to ½” wall. Round Tubing is available from 0.84” OD (½” Pipe) through 12.75” OD (12” Pipe). NTP also manufactures Hollow Structural Steel (HSS) in sizes from 2”SQ through 12”SQ (plus corresponding rectangles) and rounds from 1.660”OD through 16”OD. In addition, NTP offers ASTM A53 Type E Grade B pipe and ASTM A135/A795 Fire Protection Sprinkler Pipe manufactured to the same commitment to quality that built the company more than 40 years ago.

Patrick Limbaugh
[email protected]

Nucor Vulcraft/Verco Group

Vulcraft, a division of Nucor Corp., has a long history of success in the joist and deck business. Along with the expertise and experience, Vulcraft has grown and developed into a modern company. Employing some of the latest technology in the fabrication facility as well as in the office, Vulcraft has the capability to provide quality products on time that fit the first time.

At Vulcraft, providing the best steel products means more than just having the highest quality. The best steel product is the right product for the job, no matter what the job. They arrive on time, and freight doesn’t cost a fortune. The best steel product provider gives you answers face to face or over the phone and can even help your business run more efficiently. If the steel products you are presently using are unable do all these things, they’re not the best steel products, and you need to learn about the Vulcraft advantages:

• Range of products

• Material resource management

• Production flexibility

• Lower freight costs

• Convenient sales offices

Vulcraft. Better Partners. Better Products. Better Outcomes.

Dave Bjork
[email protected]


RISA’s suite of products offers a variety of solutions for structural steel design. RISAFloor provides complete building design, including composite steel beams, steel joists, camber and deflection optimization, and much more. RISA-3D is a general-purpose design software that can be used for building and non-building structures. RISA-3D’s steel design not only includes static and dynamic analysis and design per the latest codes, but also allows you to check moment frames and braced frames for the special seismic-specific provisions of the AISC Seismic Design Manual. RISAConnection offers steel connection design for a wide variety of shear, moment, brace, splice and base-plate connections. Connection design can be done to U.S. or Canadian codes, and the special seismic provisions of AISC 341/358 also can be considered.

RISA Sales
[email protected]

SCIA Inc., a Nemetschek Company

SCIA Engineer

Looking to migrate to or improve your 3D design workflows? SCIA Engineer offers an easy way to plug structural analysis and design into today’s BIM workflows. Tackle larger projects with advanced non-linear and dynamic analysis. Plug into BIM with IFC, and bi-directional links to Revit, Tekla and others. Free demo!

SCIA Design Forms         

Integrate custom checks into your FEA workflow. Script custom calculations that can run as standalone checks or link to SCIA Engineer’s FEA workflow. Having the ability to write your own checks inside your FEA software is a real game changer. Try it for free!

[email protected]


As a leader in steel industry software development for 35 years, SDS/2 constantly brings new technology to the market. Our SDS/2 software solutions provide automatic detailing, connection design, engineering information, and other data for the steel industry’s fabrication, detailing and engineering sectors.

SDS/2 offers the highest level of automation and intelligence available in 3D steel detailing, with unparalleled connection design intelligence and high-quality drawing production. As BIM software, SDS/2 allows for the sharing of data among all partners on a project, reducing the time required to design, detail, fabricate and erect steel.

Doug Evans
[email protected]

Short Span Steel Bridge Alliance

The Short Span Steel Bridge Alliance (SSSBA) is a group of bridge and buried-soil structure industry leaders who have joined together to provide educational information on the design and construction of short span steel bridges in installations up to 140 feet in length. SSSBA’s objective is to provide essential information to bridge owners and designers on the use of short span bridges, including:

• Case studies

• Education on superstructure, substructure and other structural components of steel bridges

• Standardized designs and details

• Manufacturer’s options (including prefabricated and modular designs)

• Durability solutions (including information on weathering steel, galvanized steel and painting)

• Sustainability

• Technical research

• Industry contacts

• Free web-based design tool at www.eSPAN140.com

Rich Tavoletti
[email protected]

SidePlate Systems

SidePlate Systems works to reduce costs and schedules on steel-framed buildings through our unique designs that reduce steel tonnage and are fast to erect with no field welding. We have a 23-year history of developing new steel connection technologies and delivering safer, stronger and smarter structures. Originally focused on high-seismic or progressive collapse applications, SidePlate has evolved to save money on “everyday” wind-governed buildings as well. 

SidePlate connections are much stiffer than other moment connections, improving the entire lateral system and making SidePlate different than a conventional moment-frame or braced-frame design. There is no obligation for us to evaluate a project, and our license fee is paid during construction. Do you know what a SidePlate design looks like for your project? 

Jason Hoover
[email protected]

Simpson Strong-Tie

Strong Frame® Moment Frame Selector Software

For more than 60 years, Simpson Strong-Tie® has focused on creating structural solutions that help people build safer and stronger homes and buildings. One such solution is the Strong Frame® Moment Frame Selector Software that helps designers select an ordinary or special moment frame for their project’s given geometry and loading. Only minimum input geometries are required for the software app to select an appropriate frame for the available space. Based on input geometry, the Strong Frame selector software app will narrow down the available stock frames to a handful of possible solutions. If opening dimensions are outside stock frame sizes, designers can enter the specific opening dimensions, and the Strong Frame selector will provide possible customized solutions.

Tim Ellis
[email protected]

Taylor Devices

Stand firm—don’t settle for less than the safety and security of Taylor Devices Fluid Viscous Dampers for your building and bridge structures.

From the historic Los Angeles City Hall to Mexico City’s Torre Mayor to Japan’s Shin-Yokohama High-Speed Train Station, more than 700 major structures rely on Taylor Devices Dampers.

With proven performance originally developed and widely used by the U.S. military and NASA, Taylor Fluid Viscous Dampers are the cost-effective, reliable and value-engineered way to provide maximum protection from earthquakes, wind storms or excessive motion events on virtually any structure. For project examples, visit our web sites at www.seismicdamper.com and www.taylordevices.com.

Bob Schneider
[email protected]

 Steel Dynamics

Steel Dynamics Inc. is one of the largest domestic steel producers and metals recyclers in the United States (based on estimated annual steelmaking and metals recycling capability), with facilities located throughout the United States and Mexico. Steel Dynamics produces steel products, including hot roll, cold roll, and coated steel sheet, structural steel beams and shapes, rail, engineered special-bar-quality steel, cold finished steel, merchant bar products, specialty steel sections, and steel joists and deck. 

Rob Carter
[email protected]

The Steel Joist Institute

The Steel Joist Institute (SJI), a nonprofit organization of active joist manufacturers and other organizations and companies connected to the industry, was founded in 1928 to address the need for uniform joist standards within the industry. Today, the SJI continues to maintain the standards for steel joist construction as a Standards Developing Organization (SDO). In addition, the SJI provides design tools to assist the structural engineer with utilization of steel joist products. The Roof and Floor Bay analysis tools provide efficient and economical joist and joist girder options for most projects. The SJI also provides educational opportunities for construction professionals utilizing a library of printed publications as well as live and recorded webinars. And we offer assistance in identifying existing joists in buildings undergoing retrofit. SJI products are included in RAM, RISA and SCIA software packages. Visit the SJI website to discover a number of valuable design resources.   

Ken Charles
[email protected]

Steel Tube Institute

The Steel Tube Institute (STI) Hollow Structural Sections (HSS) Committee includes the majority of HSS producers in the United States. The group provides technical and design information for the specifying industry. Currently, this information includes a four-volume HSS Design Manual, connection design software, six live webinars per year and other resources. The HSS Design Manual provides specifying engineers member and connection design information. Connection Design Software includes Excel spreadsheets, HSS Connex Online and SCIA’s Design Forms. An STI Professional Membership is available, providing resource bundles and manuals at a discount. The capability tool (available to all on STI’s website) helps specifiers identify which shapes are commonly produced by member producers. 

Joseph Anderson
[email protected]

V&S Galvanizing

Now with seven U.S. Hot Dip Galvanizing facilities in the Midwest, Northeast plus the V&S Memphis, Tenn., plant and 25 plants throughout the UK and Europe, V&S Galvanizing is one of the largest galvanizing companies in the world today. In house Engineering, NACE Level 3 Inspection Services, Powder Coating or Paint (aka COLORZINQ®)*, Packaging, Transportation and Shipping services.

A full-serve leader in value-added services for the galvanizing industry. Lunch and Learn Seminars** with Galvanizing/Duplex Coating Specification help for architectural/engineering, construction and steel fabricators. Offering some of the largest and deepest Galvanizing Kettles in the industry today. Featuring specialized “Fastener Spinning” operation in our New Jersey, V&S Amboy facility, or the ability to galvanize 88-foot bridge girders at V&S Lebanon, Pa.

From major infrastructure projects to fasteners to engineering to design help, transportation and packaging, a true “full-serve” Hot-Dip Galvanizing company. V&S has more than 30 proud years of membership with the American Galvanizers Association and 50 years established in the United States.

We truly offer “Local Service with Global Support.”


*COLORZINQ® not available at all locations

**Featuring the latest in Sustainable Development Presentations 


STRUMIS is the world-leading steel-estimating and fabrication-management information software that provides unrivalled features and benefits globally.

Our software is driven by our continuous collaboration and communication with customers. Our customers speak; we listen, ensuring the best material and time savings, in turn reducing overheads, and increasing efficiency and productivity.

Using STRUMIS combined with BIMREVIEW gives you the most powerful end-to-end solution available to the steel fabrication industry. The collaborative project review tool is used to import BIM models and associated data from multiple CAD authoring tools to consolidate effective review and visual communication.

STRUMIS is revolutionizing the future of steel fabrication, not just by ourselves, but along with our customers and partners, to help support the future of the steel industry. Contact us to see how you can be a part of the future of steel.

Samantha Dillon
[email protected]


Tekla software from Trimble provides a complete construction solution for any steel structure. From industrial and commercial buildings to large sports stadiums, Tekla 3D BIM Models are the most productive way to manage your structural analysis and design, high-quality construction documentation, steel detailing, fabrication, and erection. Built with reliable and constructible information, the Tekla software environment facilitates an accurate flow of information to avoid detailing mistakes, reduce human errors in drawings, and optimize the fabrication process with integrated CNC information. 

Jodi Hendrixson
[email protected]

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