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Matern Professional Engineering Helps Build Brightline Train Station at Orlando International Airport

Parul Dubey on July 3, 2023 - in Airports, Transportation

Brightline serves as a blueprint for other states considering high-speed rail


Matern Professional Engineering is pleased to announce its engineering work on Brightline’s Orlando International Airport Train Station. Brightline is the only modern, eco-friendly intercity rail provider in the U.S. The Orlando Brightline station will serve as a blueprint for other states as it revolutionizes travel in Florida, delivering the first high-speed train directly connected to an airport, linking millions, and regionalizing the state. The station spans three stories and features groundbreaking design elements and innovative technological advancements, providing a state-of-the-art station.

“Brightline’s Orlando station is an ambitious and exciting project that challenged our team to think creatively and apply unique and complex engineering techniques in every phase,” said Brad Pascarella, PE, Commercial Department Head and Senior Project Manager at Matern Professional Engineering. “Incorporating new engineering systems into Orlando International Airport’s existing infrastructure was a demanding but rewarding experience.”

The project started in 2014, with Matern Professional Engineering joining in 2018. The firm learned Brightline’s pre-established technology and managed the installation of new, complex electrical systems while meeting Orlando International Airport’s requirements. This was done in collaboration with Borelli + Partners, ensuring adherence to the fluid design scope established by Orlando International Airport and Brightline. Consistent communication was required with manufacturers to custom-make specific elements for the design and engineering components to properly augment the airport’s existing electrical, HVAC, and sanitation systems.

“Working on Brightline’s historic and innovative Orlando station is an architect’s dream,” said Jorge Borelli, Principal and Owner of Borelli + Partners. “It was an honor to collaborate with Matern Professional Engineering to bring every design element to life while maintaining our priority on quality. Our combined expertise and innovative solutions ensured we met every requirement Brightline had.”

The station spans 37,350 square feet and is located in the heart of Orlando International Airport’s new 80,000 sq. ft. Terminal C extension, directly connecting to the airport’s parking deck C. The design combines a historic train station feel with contemporary conveniences to create a streamlined, cohesive, and efficient environment. Matern Professional Engineering’s focus on space utilization, multi-functionality, and seamless integration with design elements helped bring Brightline’s vision into reality.

Matern Professional Engineering partnered with Brightline, Bigtime Design Studios, Borelli + Partners, and the Gomez Construction Company to deliver a train station that will serve Florida residents and visitors for years to come. 

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