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NCC Group advises on UK Government’s Manual for Smart Streets

Parul Dubey on June 15, 2023 - in News, Roads, Transportation

NCC Group is proud to have collaborated with the Department for Transport (DfT) and the Transport Technology Forum (TTF) on the development of the Manual for Smart Streets (MfSS), a newly launched guide for local authorities and other key stakeholders in road infrastructure.

Darren Capes, ITS Policy Lead and TTF Manager, Traffic and Technology Division, Department for Transport commented “NCC Group’s Transport Practice have been instrumental in supporting the Department for Transport with the development of the Manual for Smart Streets that has now been published through the Transport Technology Forum, by providing invaluable cyber security guidance that is embedded into the Manual’s core use cases for digital service development.”

Published online, the MfSS supports authorities who are conceiving, designing and implementing smart street systems. It has been created to provide guidance, examples and practical pointers, allowing authorities to make best use of technology and improve how we travel.

Local authorities are working towards the challenging goals of achieving net zero, making transport more accessible and revitalising regional economies. This has led authorities to embrace new connected and automated road technologies, which come with new risks such as cyber security.

The MfSS is intended as working content that continues to evolve with emerging practice and technology. It aims to encourage engagement with the TTF and wider practitioner community, such as NCC Group, to further develop the content of this manual and best practices for smart streets.

Alexander Patton, a transport security specialist with NCC Group, led a six-month engagement with local authorities, suppliers and industry bodies across the UK before developing the MfSS Cyber Security Guidance. This includes an analysis of the current state of smart streets security, relevant case studies and guidance on managing security risk through the smart streets lifecycle.

Funded by the DfT and InnovateUK, the Transport Technology Forum exists to help meet the need for action to deliver the future of mobility by driving more effective and efficient management of existing and new road networks.

Liz James, Senior Security Consultant at NCC Group said: “The Manual for Smart Streets is a pivotal step for the smart transport sector. By providing guidance and examples on how to operate smart infrastructure, it empowers local authorities and stakeholders to make informed decisions and consider security from the design phase.

“While not regulation, its impact is set to be far-reaching, as it emphasises the need to prioritise security throughout the entire process. We’re proud to have contributed to this landmark piece of work that distils expert knowledge into a layman’s terms readable document, that can continually evolve and has application in the real world.”

You can view the Manual for Smart Streets online at: https://ttf.uk.net/manual-for-smart-streets/

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