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Turnkey high-resolution imagery and GIS data solution enables repeatable structure analysis

Parul Dubey on June 15, 2023 - in News, Products, Technology

Digitized, precision aerial data solution simplifies PHMSA compliance


WORTH, Texas, June 14, 2023 – Prius Intelli, a leading provider of precision aerial data and geospatial solutions and services, has introduced a digital turnkey solution that combines high-resolution orthophotography with structure digitization and classification to help pipeline owners and operators meet and maintain PHMSA compliance.

Prius Intelli Co-CEO Hunter Herren says the company is working continuously to develop new offerings that answer acute industry problems quickly and cost-effectively. “Pipeline companies are looking for ways to comply with PHMSA regulations that do not require a large financial outlay or a large staff to manage and maintain,” Herren says. “All of our services are developed with those needs in mind, and our Structure ID data service, in particular, delivers on both fronts.”

Structure ID by PI® begins with a fixed-wing aerial survey to capture digital images of the area along the pipeline centerline. The outlines of structures that fall within a defined buffer are digitized, then classified to meet the requirements for PHMSA population density analysis. GIS databases are delivered that contain digitized polygons for each structure; a code is attributed to each structure to define its use. The resulting data provide the intelligence needed to efficiently identify US DOT-regulated locations and High and Medium Consequence areas. Once a baseline is established, analysis for future reporting can be streamlined through change detection methods using imagery captured in subsequent aerial surveys.

Prius Intelli’s aerial imagery is geometrically corrected to remove distortions to create a precise basemap that allows highly accurate measurements. The basemap can be used for operations and planning purposes, including ROW clearing activities, documentation of ROW conditions before and after construction, encroachment detection, and pipeline As-Built Alignment Sheets. The imagery also can be used as a background layer in GIS portals.

“The Structure ID solution delivers exceptional value on the front end by providing owners and operators crucial information needed for PHMSA compliance and, at the same time, frees up workers so they can focus on optimizing operations, which is a lifesaver in an industry that is labor constrained” says Prius Intelli Co-CEO Josh Vinyard. “Our goal is to simplify operations and enable more informed decisions by putting the best possible digitized data in the end user’s hands.”

Enter your pipeline centerline file online to get started or contact our team for more information.

About Prius Intelli

Prius Intelli is a Fort Worth-based company that provides accurate, high-resolution advanced aerial imagery and geospatial data and intelligence analytics solutions, delivering Digital Elevation Modeling (DEM), Digital Surface Modeling (DSM), Orthophotography services and Planimetric maps as well as LiDAR mapping for a range of industries, including oil and gas, utilities, and construction.




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