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FTD Solutions receives prestigious NextRise Innovation Award

Parul Dubey on June 13, 2023 - in Awards, News

Arik Libman, Head of Business Development at FTD Solutions, accepting the Innovation Award in the climate tech category at NextRise 2023 in Seoul, South Korea.


Water technology company leads charge in providing solutions for sustainable industrial water management 

Seoul, South Korea — FTD Solutions, the leading provider of industrial water management software and expertise, is proud to receive an Innovation Award for the climate technology category at the NextRise 2023 Conference in Seoul, South Korea. FTD Solutions is one of only 14 companies, out of over 330 nominated, to receive this prestigious honor, and one of only two non-Korean companies.

“We’re proud to be honored in this way as it underscores the exceptional value we are creating for industrial faculties around the world through our revolutionary software and unmatched expertise,” said Dr. Slava Libman, CEO of FTD Solutions. “As the only American company to receive an Innovation Award, it’s clear we are making strides into the Korean and APAC markets in ways that others are not.”

Chung Man-ki, vice chairman of the Korea International Trade Association, said, “At a time when the momentum of global economic growth has weakened, we hope that the technologies and ideas of innovation champions selected through the NextRise Awards will become a catalyst for future growth and economic vitality.”

The Innovation Award caps an exciting year for FTD Solutions. Last November, the company announced the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding with K-water (Korea Water Resources Corporation) to develop a new Ultrapure Water (UPW) Platform Center. A first of its kind, the center will be uniquely positioned to address the most challenging aspects of the semiconductor industry’s water needs. More recently, FTD has cemented its reputation as a thought leader for industrial water, by sharing its vision and outlook with peers and investors at a series of high-profile conferences.

At BlueTech Forum 2023, FTD VP of Innovation, Josh Best, co-led a roundtable discussion focused on the drivers of ultrapure water requirements for the semiconductor and microelectronics industries. At the Global Water Summit in Berlin, Libman gave his perspective on how ESG targets are driving innovation in industrial facilities. Finally in May, Libman was a member of the Corporate Water Risk panel at RBC Capital Markets and Amane Advisors’ investor conference on water, speaking about how technologies support the rapidly evolving manufacturing industry as it deals with increasingly challenging environmental conditions.

“This is an exciting time for us. We continue to venture out into new markets, such as pharmaceuticals, food & beverage, CPG, and others, and we continue to grow our reputation in the semiconductor and industrial water sectors connecting ideas, standards, and partners,” added Libman. “This is all part of our drive toward greater sustainability and efficiency globally in order to be, in the words of KITA vice chairman Chung Man-ki, ‘a catalyst for future growth and economic vitality.’”

About FTD Solutions:

FTD Solutions is focused on environmental sustainability performance for industrial facilities through the deployment of software, expertise, and connections. It leverages deep knowledge of water and facilities, award-winning propriety software, and a legacy of bringing together industry partners to create new industry standards, in order to provide maximum value to its clients. From diagnosing and defining specific issues, to connecting industrial facility owners with the right solutions, FTD Solutions eliminates inefficiencies, enhances manufacturing operations, and empowers environmental sustainability.

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