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ASCE Manual of Practice 154 Provides Guidance for Geotechnical Baseline Reports

Parul Dubey on January 6, 2023 - in News

Reston, Va. – ASCE’s latest Manual of Practice, Geotechnical Baseline Reports: Suggested Guidelines, MOP 154, explains the role of the geotechnical baseline report (GBR) in allocating and managing risks associated with subsurface construction. Expanding on earlier titles, MOP 154 contains recommendations for what should and should not be included in the GBR, provides a chapter outline and a checklist of topics to consider, suggested page lengths, tips to improve clarity and understanding, and presents examples of problematic and improved practices in creating baselines.

Keys areas covered include:

  • Enhancement of GBRs through more concise organization and improved presentation;
  • Guidance on collaboration for Design-Build (DB) delivery;
  • Importance of engaging experienced professionals in the GBR writing, review, and integration;
  • Discussion of conditions and obstructions that have led to claims on past projects, as well as legal and contractual perspectives; and
  • Case histories that illustrate how baselines were utilized to resolve

MOP 154 is the ideal reference tool for preparers and users of GBRs, and to inform owners of the importance of using GBRs to allocate financial risk fairly between parties.

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