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Esri and Safe Software Pass Interoperability Test to Meet Latest CIM Standards for Utilities

Parul Dubey on November 2, 2022 - in Corporate, News

Surrey, BC – Safe Software and Esri have partnered together to complete an extensive series of interoperability tests following the latest developments in Common Information Model (CIM) standards. The test was conducted and hosted by the Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI) as part of their Grid Model Data Management (GMDM) initiative, and managed by UCAIug. The event took place in Charlotte, NC from June 14th to 16th, 2022. 

The GMDM initiative recognizes the importance for electric utility customers to exchange distribution grid model data in a standardized industry format without the need to build costly customized interfaces. In meeting the latest CIM interoperability standards, utilities can leverage the FME Platform by Safe Software to integrate data between various operational systems (EMA, ADMS, OMS, SCADA) and enterprise GIS, all with no code. 

“The IOP (Interoperability Test) event gave us a unique opportunity to work through the data integration challenges involved in converting GIS and facilities data into CIM/XML and highlighted the nuances each consumer application might have when reading CIM/XML,” said Trent Kading, Safe Software technical support specialist and co-lead of this joint effort. “The successful results of the IOP showcase our strength in supporting our electric utility customers with the latest industry standard technologies.” 

The FME Platform by Safe Software has been trusted by utility agencies worldwide to solve data interoperability challenges for over 28 years. With growing populations and new technologies on the rise, modern utilities are faced with the demand for utility access and more data than ever before. By implementing an enterprise integration solution, utilities can easily synchronize data across systems for asset management and distribution network maintenance, automate manual tasks and data distribution, and ultimately improve operational efficiency and enhance customer experience.


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Over 13,000+ organizations worldwide have trusted FME as their enterprise integration solution. Through our international partner network, FME is used in 125+ countries around the world and has been localized into over 13 languages. For more information, please visit www.safe.com and follow us on Twitter: @SafeSoftware

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