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GF Piping Systems expands Stress Less® Pipe Support System

Parul Dubey on November 2, 2022 - in News, Products

Support system uniquely designed for plastic pipe is available in new sizes

Stress Less guides from GF Piping Systems are now available in metric sizes ranging from 32mm to 315mm and IPS sizes ranging from ½“ to 12”.

Irvine, California – GF Piping Systems has expanded the size offerings of its Stress Less® Pipe Support System, a system specifically designed for the needs of plastic piping.

Traditional pipe clamps hold piping in a fixed location. If plastic pipes are held in place too tightly without allowance for thermal expansion, mechanical stress is transferred to the pipe. Stress of this kind on plastic pipes is the leading cause of premature piping leaks and failures. When plastic piping leaks, it is most often near clamping locations.  

Stress Less® pipe supports are specifically designed to eliminate any stress transfer to plastic pipe during thermal expansion. Consisting of a uniquely designed polypropylene insert within a trivalent chrome-coated metal hoop, each Stress Less® support leaves room for movement between the inner plastic insert and the pipe. The smooth inner surface of the insert allows the piping to slide freely in the axial direction with minimal stress and wear during each thermal expansion cycle. Meanwhile, the outer metal bracket never comes into contact with the pipe, no matter how tightly it is bolted down at installation. 

The unique design of Stress Less® also protects pipes from damage during seismic activity, since the gap between pipe and support is engineered to prevent severe impact on the pipe when seismic activity occurs. Furthermore, the steel metal hoop can support the weight of piping even during strong seismic events, meeting ANSI/MSS SP-58 requirements for pipe hangers and supports. Relying on decades of engineering experience, GF Piping Systems created Stress Less® to protect pipes in a wide variety of conditions, giving users peace of mind. 

The Stress Less® Pipe Support System includes pipe guides, clevis hangers, and valve supports, allowing installers the flexibility to mount directly on any flat surface, on pipe support rail, horizontally as a hanger, or vertically. With both metric and IPS (inch) sizes, Stress Less® can accommodate most plastic piping systems. 

Stress Less guides are available in metric sizes ranging from 20mm to 315mm, including the newly available 125mm, 140mm, 250mm, 280mm, and 315mm sizes. Stress Less guides are also offered in IPS sizes ranging from ½” to 12”, including the new 5”, 10” and 12” units.

For more information on the Stress Less® Pipe Support System please see: https://www.gfps.com/en-us/products-solutions/innovation/stress-less.html or contact GF Piping Systems toll free at (800) 854-4090; email: [email protected]; web: www.gfps.com/us.


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