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Upper Midwest & Rocky Mountain Regions Gain Access to Affordable, Sustainable Wastewater Treatment Options

Parul Dubey on October 14, 2022 - in Corporate, News

Fargo, ND – Smaller communities and utilities in the Midwest and Rocky Mountain region have long dealt with lack of access to viable, effective methods for the treatment of wastewater that do not require the burden of large capital expenditure or additional operational overhead.

Subsurface, Inc., a drainage structure repair and maintenance company based out of Moorhead, Minnesota and Sioux Falls, South Dakota, servicing locations throughout the upper Midwest, central Plains and locations around the United States has joined forces with EnBiorganic Technologies to solve this issue.  Subsurface, Inc., the parent company, will market EnBiorganic Technologies using the trade name BioResource Services, Inc.

“Our region and client base wants to be proactive, not reactive. Municipal utilities are constantly being asked to optimize and increase treatment capacity with fewer financial resources and increased population demand. Being able to bring a technology like EnBiorganic Technologies to areas where it can make a huge impact in solving wastewater treatment challenges with minimal added expenses just made sense for all stakeholders,” shares Gary Strom, CEO of Subsurface, Inc.

The EnBiorganic wastewater treatment solution solves multiple common pain points such as sludge reduction and the associated costs, odor elimination and FOG reduction. Facilities in other parts of North America currently using the technology are also enjoying reduced energy costs and maintenance labor requirements along with increased plant capacity and resolution of compliance issues.  

“We are excited to welcome Subsurface, Inc to our ranks,” shares Darrell Liski, CEO of EnBiorganic Technologies. “Their extensive utility market experience and desire to bring affordable and effective solutions to this vast area of the country holds great promise for so many communities.”  

EnBiorganic Technologies, founded in 2019, bridges science and technology to contribute to a living planet. We believe in synergy—various parts working together to produce an enhanced result. We are driven to build innovative solutions based on a foundation of solid science. Our team is focused on solving big issues that will have a significant impact in our backyard and beyond. Our current breakthroughs in wastewater solutions, HAB mediation and animal agriculture create value for our clients, while protecting the planet’s most valuable resources. Learn more at: https://enbiorganic.com

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