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New All-In-One, Cloud-Hosted Subscription Facilitates End-To-End Estimating Workflow for General and Specialty Contractors

Parul Dubey on June 15, 2022 - in News, Products, Technology

Consistent, Reliable Data and Complementary Estimating Tools for Any Phase of the Estimating Process


SUNNYVALE, Calif.—Trimble (NASDAQ: TRMB) announced today WinEst Essentials, a new cloud-hosted estimating software subscription that facilitates an end-to-end estimating workflow for general contractors and specialty contractors, such as concrete, masonry, and drywall contractors. This solution allows estimators to implement and automate their company’s estimating methodology throughout the estimating process.

Designed specifically for the workflows of general and specialty contractors, WinEst Essentials supports any phase of the estimating process—from initial conceptual budgeting to specialty execution—in one subscription. The solution also features an integration between Trimble’s WinEst e-Team and eTakeoff Dimension digital construction software to provide estimators with simplified workflows for 2D takeoff. By combining complementary tools in one subscription, WinEst Essentials provides a framework for consistent, standardized estimating processes and allows estimators to leverage best practices and premier data to increase both accuracy and productivity.

As an all-in-one subscription, WinEst Essentials allows estimators to win more work through efficiencies in estimate creation, precision, and shareability—without the hassle of managing multiple software subscriptions. The WinEst Essentials subscription includes:

  • Estimating software: WinEst e-Team reduces the complexity of delivering accurate construction estimates for any phase of the estimating process—from initial conceptual budgeting through specialty execution.
  • Digital takeoff software: eTakeoff Dimension digital takeoff software speeds up the takeoff process while ensuring more accuracy with automated features, such as auto count, work breakdown structure coding and patent-pending SnapAI technology, which adds predictive intelligence to vector takeoff.
  • Cost modeling software: Modelogix cost-modeling software captures, benchmarks, and analyzes historical cost data in a secure centrally accessible database and leverages the data to build conceptual budgets.
  • Collaboration software: Trimble® ConnectTM collaboration tool connects the right people to the right data at the right time on any device, enabling efficient project collaboration.
  • Managed Data: With Trimble Commercial & Assemblies and BNi Bronze Database included, estimators have access to updated cost databases that include items, assemblies, building costs, codes and data without the hassle of managing it themselves.
  • Additional estimating tools: The Schedule Link add-on for WinEst and Advanced Image Manager software are productivity tools that further expand the estimator’s tool kit, making document management and scheduling automatic and efficient. 


“Efficient, precise estimates are crucial to the success of any construction contractor. By focusing on estimating solutions for general and specialty contractors, Trimble has curated a set of complementary software solutions to help make this possible,” said Lawrence Smith, vice president and general manager. “Today, more than 20,000 estimators in North America rely on Trimble’s estimating solutions. By creating highly accessible, affordable subscriptions like WinEst Essentials, Trimble is making it possible for more estimators to have access to a complete set of available tools they need to build those accurate estimates.”


WinEst Essentials is now available in North America. For more information, visit: gc.trimble.com.  Contractors can request a demo here: go.trimble.com/WinEst-Contact-Us.html.

WinEst Essentials is available as part of Trimble Construction One™, a connected, cloud-based construction management platform that drives speed, efficiency and accuracy at each phase of the construction project lifecycle. Using Trimble Construction One, contractors can leverage a purpose-built connected construction management platform that reveals the right information at the right time so organizations can make the right decisions.

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