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IMSA Announces Ambitious Plan to Overhaul Certification Programs and Business Practices

Parul Dubey on April 14, 2022 - in News, Transportation

The effort is a direct result of an in-depth research study and stakeholder surveys, and is designed to position members and clients for greater business and career success.


ROCKLEDGE, Florida – The International Municipal Signal Association (IMSA), North America’s most respected trade and certification association representing thousands of transportation and public safety professionals, today announced an ambitious plan to overhaul the organization, embrace evolving technology, update its certification programs and become more responsive to the industries it serves. This effort is a direct result of a recent membership, peer, vendor and industry partner research study.

IMSA Executive Director Toby Cummings says the organization’s new direction and updated certifications will position members for greater success. “In their feedback, respondents confirmed they want a modern IMSA that continually delivers timely information reflecting emerging technologies, legally defensible certifications and greater opportunities for member career growth,” he said. “In the coming months, we will review and revise our testing, our standards and our industry influence measured against the rapid pace of technological evolution, to make sure our members and partners are positioned to thrive in the new market.”

As part of its growth, IMSA is separating from the IMSA Education Foundation business model. The move will give IMSA more autonomy to make responsive and impactful decisions that serve the best interests of its members and allow the organization to continually update its certifications to keep pace with current technology.

“This is one of the most exciting times in our organization’s history,” said Tyson Evatz, IMSA’s board president. “Advances in transportation and public safety are accelerating, and there is more opportunity than ever for our certifications to be current and deeply relevant. Workforce requirements are changing with technology, often needing entirely new skill sets from outside of our traditional industries. We want our members, peers, industry partners and vendors to be first in line to take advantage of these new opportunities for advancement.”

In order to assure a seamless transition for members and clients, IMSA will continue to use existing certifications and testing standards for the next several months until the official launch of the newly authorized IMSA programs. Cummings says IMSA has already begun the work to revise its most popular certifications in order to reflect today’s standards. “By the time we roll everything out, we’ll be ready to inaugurate multiple new IMSA sanctioned tests that carry new weight in our industries, because that’s exactly what our stakeholders have asked for.”

As part of IMSA’s new direction, members, vendors and industry peers can expect a much more customer-focused experience. “In the member research, our participants said they want a simpler and more beneficial path to success,” said Cummings. “In response, I’d say, we heard you. We intend to offer the best customer service, making every interaction meaningful, intuitive and with the goal of providing real benefit.”

Reporters please note: IMSA Executive Director Toby Cummings and Board President Tyson Evatz are available for interviews by contacting the media contacts listed above.


About IMSA

IMSA (the International Municipal Signal Association) is the oldest known association of its kind in the world. It dates back to 1896 and counts Thomas A. Edison and the Edison Electric Company among its earliest esteemed members. Today, IMSA certifies tens of thousands of technicians and stands as the most regarded name in public safety certification. The organization is dedicated to providing quality certification programs for the safe installation, operation and maintenance of public safety systems. IMSA membership is comprised of employees of governmental organizations and private corporations who are interested in promoting public safety in the most economical manner. IMSA’s objectives are to improve the efficiency, installation, construction, and maintenance of public safety equipment and systems by increasing the knowledge of its members on traffic controls, fire alarms, radio communications, roadway lighting, work zone traffic control, emergency medical services and other related systems.

For more information, please visit https://www.imsasafety.org/.

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