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Meyer brings extensive background in performance-based planning and architecture, positively impacting communities through design

Evanston, Ill. — Award-winning architecture and design firm, DMAC Architecture is pleased to announce new Senior Associate, Jonathan Meyer, AIA, LEED AP. Operating out of the DMAC office in Evanston, Illinois, Meyer brings strong expertise in master planning and well-rounded experience in project programming, sustainable building design, and research-based design. With Meyer’s analytical background and client-driven perspective, DMAC will strengthen its long-held dedication for the built environment’s ability to facilitate and encourage the goals and needs of clients.

“I was drawn to DMAC Architecture because of its unique process and passion; it’s experiential and forward-thinking, not afraid to take risks or challenge the status quo. There is an appreciation for design here that carries across all the projects, no matter the size,” says Meyer. “The understanding for how things come together that exists at DMAC Architecture is critical, as this inherently leads to better design; you can’t influence what you don’t understand.”

As Senior Associate, Meyer will oversee the design concept direction and design delivery, working alongside the studio’s existing leadership team to continue driving a confident culture of creativity and innovative thinking. From the inception of a project, he will assist in setting the tone of the space, marrying the aesthetic and ambiance to its program and function. Meyer will aid in the drafting and drawing of projects, coordinating with owners and consultants to complete a cohesive design. Through his background and commitment to the subject, Meyer will enhance the company’s research based design strategies and its impact on human-centric spaces, focusing on how they benefit communities’ experiences and lives. Meyer will also focus on the firm’s fabrication capabilities, reinforcing the integration of design into the construction process, as well as the branding and marketing of environments and how architecture can reinforce a brand identity.

“As DMAC Architecture continues to evolve and expand, we’re thrilled to bring in leaders like Jonathan, who not only enhance our team, but challenge our way of thinking and bring a new perspective to the table,” says Dwayne MacEwen, founder, principal and creative director of DMAC. “Jonathan understands our inventive spirit and dedication to creating impactful spaces, and we are confident that he will be a positive influence as we look to the future of our company.”


About DMAC Architecture

DMAC is a full-service architecture firm based in Evanston, IL, specializing in commercial, hospitality, and select residential projects, with a portfolio ranging from timeless interiors to complex buildings.  Founded in 1995 by Dwayne MacEwen, the firm prides itself on its ability to generate exceptional, unique and award-winning work. Each project is based on the fundamental approach of identifying the distinguishing elements, with the belief that the careful development of ideas is more important than a dependence on a style. Providing clients with innovative and custom tailored designs, DMAC takes a holistic approach with the philosophy that architecture contains the arts, and is not just a container for the arts. 

Under MacEwen’s leadership, DMAC respects the past without attempting to repeat it, experimenting while basing the firm’s foundation on successfully executed projects. DMAC is known for its extensive knowledge of current fabrication methods, designing and developing interior elements in addition to traditional architecture. Notable projects include Midtown Athletic Club and Hotel, Graduate Evanston Hotel, Michael Jordan’s Steak House, Roka Akor, Doc B’s Fresh Kitchen, Rivers Casino and Resort, Mario Tricoci Hair Salon & Day Spa, and Lamborghini Gold Coast, with a host of prestigious projects underway.

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