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Nearmap Partners With Geographic Technologies Group To Help Local Governments Make More Informed Decisions

Parul Dubey on April 22, 2021 - in Corporate, News

State and local governments can realize new capabilities in their use of aerial technologies when they harness the combined power of Nearmap and GIS technology from GTG


SALT LAKE CITY – Leading aerial imagery company Nearmap announced today a partnership with Geographic Technologies Group (GTG), experts in the planning, design, procurement and implementation of geospatial technology to create smarter solutions for local government agencies throughout the United States and Canada.

“Our range of high-resolution aerial content — from Vertical to Oblique, 3D and AI — integrates easily with GTG’s applications and acts as a valuable component to the strategic planning services offered by GTG,” said Karl Terrey, Director, Global Alliances at Nearmap. “Our imagery is refreshed multiple times per year and when combined with GTG’s technology allows cities, towns, counties and state governments to make decisions based on conditions in their communities in near-real-time, at a fraction of the cost.”

GTG is one of the world’s leading local government Geographic Information Systems (GIS) companies and is committed to advancing the science of location intelligence and geospatial technology. The company specializes in GIS services that include strategic planning, GIS consulting, comprehensive data services, mapping services, software development, GIS training, and on-call GIS support. They also provide ongoing GIS maintenance for villages, towns, cities, counties, multi-regional agencies, public works and public utilities, water districts, and Native American and Alaskan Tribes.

Nearmap is a global leader in high-resolution aerial imagery. Since 2019, the company has released a number of innovations designed to help government agencies garner greater insights from aerial imagery and the use of location intelligence. Nearmap’s 3D imagery provides local governments the ability to quickly export custom areas for use in platforms such as Esri, Bentley Systems, and Autodesk. Nearmap AI enables governments to instantly identify attributes about properties required for the appraisal process and Nearmap AI Packs enable users to determine the type of access made visible in MapBrowser for items such as impervious surfaces, vegetation and solar panels at citywide scale.

Nearmap’s library of aerial imagery provides some of the most accurate imagery available with updates occurring up to three times a year throughout more than 430 markets in North America, including 700 urban and regional areas accounting for more than 70 percent of the United States population.

“Our goal has always been to break through boundaries, solve problems, and introduce a new kind of decision support for our clients,” said James Kelt, VP of Corporate Software at GTG. “We began using Nearmap’s aerial imagery a few years ago because we recognized it as a way to differentiate ourselves and push the envelope. Our clients love the imagery and the more we worked with Nearmap, the more it made sense to find a way to partner so we could provide this added value to all of our customers.”

For more information about Nearmap and this partnership or to schedule a demo, visit https://www.nearmap.com/us/en.

About Nearmap

Global technology pioneer, Nearmap provides easy instant access to up-to-date and historic geospatial data that organizations depend on as their source of truth for the livable world.

Nearmap proactively captures wide-scale urban areas in the USA, Canada, Australia and New Zealand multiple times each year, with patented plane-mounted camera systems that provide superior detail, and a proprietary, automated processing pipeline that
ensures rapid availability.

Customers rely on Nearmap for consistent, high-quality content that enables remote capabilities and unlocks productivity for profound change: crystal-clear high-resolution vertical, oblique and panoramic aerial imagery; a vast library of historic captures; frequently updated city-scale 3D datasets on demand; and verified pre-processed property insights at unmatched scale with Nearmap AI.

Founded in 2007, Nearmap was named as one of the world’s 10 Most Innovative Companies of 2020 by Fast Company magazine. With offices in the United States and Australia, Nearmap has a global customer base including government agencies and enterprises for whom current, reliable and truthful data is essential to critical decision making and operational workflows.

Nearmap’s parent company, Nearmap Limited, is a publicly traded company listed on the Australian Stock Exchange and one of the 200 largest ASX-listed stocks in Australia.

About Geographic Technologies Group, Inc.
Geographic Technologies Group, Inc. (GTG) is one of the country’s leading full-service local government GIS consulting companies. GTG’s corporate headquarters is in Goldsboro, North Carolina, and we maintain offices in Raleigh, NC, Texas, South Carolina, Georgia, Alabama, Virginia, and Minnesota. GTG has secured state, national, and international awards for software solutions and consulting services, and is a certified Esri Business Partner. Founded in 1997, GTG celebrates more than two decades of growth and success and now has over 700 clients worldwide. A corporate culture of quality, understanding government operations, and commitment to clients allow GTG to continue to build an outstanding GIS portfolio.

The adoption of geospatial technology within government organizations has increased the demand for sophisticated planning tools and techniques to assist in the complex implementation process. GTG is committed to advancing the science of location intelligence and geospatial technology. We want to inspire, we want to push the envelope, break through boundaries, solve problems, and introduce a new kind of decision support. We want to go beyond location intelligence. To plan, design, build, implement, transform, and maintain. We want to support our clients in using spatial information to empower understanding, influence the decision-making process, offer new insights, reveal new data relationships, predict events, engage, and educate the community, and solve problems of the future. The outcome is a smarter, more resilient, and sustainable government. Together, we create location intelligent organizations!

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