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HDR, City of Nashville Partner to Successfully Apply for Emerging Technologies Grant

Parul Dubey on April 1, 2021 - in Financial, News

With assistance from HDR, the City of Nashville has received an Advanced Transportation and Congestion Management Technologies Deployment 2020 grant, which will allow the metropolitan area to use emerging technologies to solve longstanding issues with congestion induced bunching of transit vehicles.

The $3 million project will develop and deploy connected transit technology on Charlotte Avenue/Dr. Martin L King Jr. Boulevard in Nashville, an area that is densely developed with one of the slowest travel times in the city. Metro Nashville is partnering with the Nashville Metropolitan Transit Authority and the Tennessee Department of Transportation to enact a variety of measures, including:

  • Connected transit vehicle technology
  • Transit signal priority
  • Congestion management technology
  • Fleet headway management software
  • Real-time bus occupancy data
  • Connected vehicle-to-infrastructure intersection upgrades

Nashville is well-positioned to leverage new technologies and innovation to improve “transportation as a service” to its citizens. With an ambitious transportation plan for the future, continued investment in technology will bridge the success of recent efforts to the opportunities of the future.

HDR assisted the coalition by writing the grant proposal, showcasing Nashville’s need for this funding. This is the second consecutive ATCMTD grant that HDR has helped win. The prior year, HDR’s team also assisted Tennessee DOT in successfully winning a grant associated with the Interstate 24 smart corridor that starts in Nashville and travels south to Murfreesboro. The 2020 grant will continue the momentum in the area.

Learn more about the HDR team’s work on intelligent transportation systems, connected/automated vehicles and emerging technologies.

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