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BQE Software Launches Industry’s First Conversational Artificial Intelligence Feature

Parul Dubey on July 10, 2019 - in News, Products, Technology


Torrance, CA – July 10, 2019 — BQE Software, Inc., a global leader in accounting and project management software for professional services firms, launched Core Intelligence, an Artificial Intelligence tool that allows users to have human-like conversations with their business software to gain actionable insights about their company and perform work-related tasks.

BQE is the first company in the project management and accounting software industry to release an AI that goes beyond being a voice input and functions as an intelligent business analyst. Instead of just providing simple answers to a user’s questions, Core Intelligence looks deeply into a company’s data to make contextual connections that provide additional insights related to the question asked. For example, while asking for your To-Dos for today, it will also remind you of the past-due To-Dos that need your attention.

“Core Intelligence will change the way we manage our business and make our business decisions,” said Shafat Qazi, founder and CEO of BQE Software. “By simply talking to our software, Core users can be pro-actively informed about their company financials, project status, bottlenecks, and the rainmakers. This intelligence empowers us to make smarter business decisions and allows them to make the right decision, all the time, every time!”

Core users can access Core Intelligence through any of their smart devices connected to Google Assistant, such as the Google Home app on their phones, a Google Home smart speaker, or even a vehicle with Google Assistant connectivity. This allows them to use only their voices to get work done anywhere, instantly.

“Our goal with Core Intelligence is to provide a better business experience with less administrative work, and artificial intelligence, powered by Core, makes that possible,” said Setareh Motamedi, VP of Marketing at BQE Software. “The business world moves at the speed of light these days, so we want to free our customers from the shackles of a desk so they can be mobile and efficient while staying connected to their business. Core Intelligence gives our users the advantages of having their very own business analyst without the overhead. They can simply have a conversation with their software without even needing to log-into a computer, spend time shuffling through reports, or trying to make sense of tons of data to get deep insights. As customers expect top-notch service from firms, firms should be prepared to provide that top-notch and set themselves apart. With Core Intelligence we have relieved the pain of pressing buttons from keeping track of resource optimization to knowing where you stand on project profitability as part our promise to provide our customers with the most simple, yet innovative technology to solve real-world business problems.”
Core Intelligence is now available to all current Core customers. To learn more, please visit bqe.com/core-ai


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