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INRIX Expands Signal Analytics with Systemwide Dashboards and Reporting to Measure Intersection Performance Without Hardware

Parul Dubey on January 20, 2021 - in News, Products, Technology


  • INRIX IQ Signal Analytics provides powerful new SaaS dashboards that highlight control delay, split failures, turn ratios, volume and other key metrics purely from vehicle data
  • New customizable daily reports deliver performance measures, highlight problems and trends for intersections and corridors across a road network
  • Available for 210,000+ signalized intersections across the U.S. at a vastly lower cost than installing traditional system sensors
  • City of Austin is the first to use Signal Analytics to monitor, identify and improve intersections


KIRKLAND, Wash – Poorly timed traffic signals are frustrating for drivers and significantly impact congestion, safety and pollution. Traffic engineers work tirelessly to limit this, but current approaches are costly and don’t provide fresh and reliable insights systemwide.

Today, INRIX, Inc., a leader in connected car services and transportation analytics, announced a software as a service (SaaS) application to manage traffic signal and corridor performance easier, faster and cheaper. INRIX® IQ Signal Analytics delivers unprecedented intersection and corridor analytics in an easy to use yet powerful cloud-based platform designed for all levels of traffic professionals – management, engineering, operations and maintenance.

Signal Analytics is the industry’s first intersection analytics platform based exclusively on anonymous connected vehicle data. With a penetration rate nearing seven percent in many markets, Signal Analytics calculates for industry-defined metrics including control delay, split failures, turn ratio and volume at a vastly lower cost than instrumenting an intersection. Systemwide summary metrics are reported daily and presented in an intuitive, web-based application available through INRIX IQ, a SaaS application suite for uncovering mobility insights.

“Signal Analytics is a robust set of visualizations and analytics that transforms complex data into easily understood, managed and optimized dashboards and reports that people can act on,” said Avery Ash, head of product management and strategy for INRIX IQ. “We put an incredible focus on making Signal Analytics accurate, timely and easy to use”

Leveraging more than 25 million trips and 300 million miles daily, at a 5-second ping frequency, Signal Analytics delivers every metric necessary for operators to fully understand performance on more than 210,000 signalized intersections across the U.S. Customizable daily reports and dashboards highlight key metrics, problems and trends for intersections and corridors across a road network. In-depth searches and advanced functionality, such as user-defined date(s) for individual vehicle movement, leverage the Center for Advanced Transportation Technology (CATT) Laboratory at the University of Maryland’s powerful Regional Integrated Transportation Information System (RITIS) platform.

“Every transportation agency in America now has the ability to monitor and manage the performance of their entire traffic signals system without hardware. Agencies can prioritize system enhancements, saving time and dollars while providing near-ground-truth accuracy for all performance measures,” said Scott Sedlik, senior vice president and general manager of public sector at INRIX.

The City of Austin’s Mobility Management Center, operated by signals expert consultant Kimley-Horn, uses INRIX to track flow on 33 key mobility corridors. “In Austin, Signal Analytics has allowed us to quantitatively verify the extent of existing issues and the degree of improvement once adjustments are made,” said Kimley-Horn Traffic Engineer Lance Ballard. “Corridor-based aggregation and regular reporting of trends will be HUGE for us. Now, we can be more pro-active in identifying operational issues before residents complain. With tight budgets and limited staff, this approach to signal management is an unparalleled return on investment.”

To be the first to access INRIX IQ Signal Analytics, sign up here. To learn more, register for our upcoming webinar showcasing INRIX IQ Signal Analytics and its new dashboards and daily reports on Tuesday, February 2, 2021 at 10:00 a.m. PT / 1:00 p.m. ET.



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