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ALLPLAN Launches Innovative 3D Modeling Tools for Precast

Parul Dubey on November 17, 2020 - in News, Products, Technology

Automated 3D modeling tools for precast structures make detailed shop drawings quick and easy, saving time and increasing accuracy.

 West Chester, PA, November 17, 2020 – Fully detailed 3D modelling of precast concrete structures has never been easier with new automated design tools from ALLPLAN. Automated Python Parts (APPs) build on ALLPLAN’s support of the precast concrete industry with new tools that streamline the design and detailing process, particularly for buried structures and buildings. APPs are customizable 3D parametric models that significantly reduce design time. With APPs, precast drawings and documentation can be produced easily and accurately in a fraction of the time compared with 2D drawing methods, enhancing both productivity and efficiency.

“APPs remove a lot of the manual labor required to get to a completed set of shop drawings, significantly speeding up the process compared to drawing individual 2D lines,” said Monica Rennick, Technical Manager at ALLPLAN. “These tools take the heavy lifting out of the equation by using the 3D model as an information source. There is no need to count every bar to create a bar list, or draw every section manually. It is not just about faster shop drawings, either – if production does not have to stop because of an inaccuracy in the drawings, that is less wasted time, materials, and money. Working smarter means that potentially an extra vault per day can be completed, for example.”

Accessible through the ALLPLAN Library, precast designers can choose from a wide range of ready-made reinforced products, such as culverts, headwalls, vaults, and more. APPs can be simply dragged into the workspace. Parameters for geometry, dimensions, openings, and reinforcement are easily manipulated via dialog boxes, enabling quick customization of any product. Even precast lifting inserts can be added for a complete picture of the finished product. Being able to view the entire component in 3D from any angle is an added benefit, so any issues can be identified and corrected before production starts. 

Once the model is completed and reinforced, reaching a finished document set is incredibly quick. With the intelligence behind the information modeling, tables and rebar schedules can be generated at the click of a button, as can views and sections. All the required information is extracted from the 3D model and can be placed anywhere within the drawing sheets. If anything changes in the model, it is automatically updated in the sections, labels, and schedules. This not only improves accuracy, but also ensures that drawings and documentation can be created efficiently and effectively, even if the product specs change. 

“We wanted to help precasters improve their productivity, so we built these APPs specifically with them in mind. This gives precast designers a more efficient way of working, removing a lot of the repetition between projects,” said Frank Holz, ALLPLAN Senior Technical Consultant. “Commonly used products can be saved as favorites, for example, and used on multiple projects. The whole office can then access the information they need, which makes onboarding of new staff much easier. Essentially, APPs provide all the power of automation with the flexibility of customization, letting precasters achieve more in less time or with fewer resources.”

ALLPLAN APPs are currently available for precast concrete buried structures and building components. APPs for rebar detailing and post-tensioning are coming soon, demonstrating ALLPLAN’s commitment to helping their customers simplify their workflows and improve their productivity.

For more information on ALLPLAN’s Automated Python Parts, contact us at [email protected] or visit allplan.com.



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