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Roundtable Group Formed to Influence Change and Growth for Resilient Roadways in the United States

Parul Dubey on October 18, 2020 - in Roads, Transportation

Resilient Roads Roundtable announces new website – resilientroadways.com 


(ATLANTA, GA)  – A partnership of key transportation infrastructure industry organizations has formed a roundtable to promote the development of more resilient roads in the United States. Called Resilient Roadways Roundtable, the group is working together to influence infrastructure decision-makers by sharing knowledge about products, processes and performance which drive superior return on investment when building more resilient, longer-lasting roads.  

As part of the roundtable, the group launched a website this month to communicate with its key constituents to help call them to action and influence change.  

The goals of the Resilient Roads Roundtable and the ResilientRoadway.com site are to:  

  • Grow the site as a resource to educate three key groups on the impact of more resilient, longer-lasting roads – motorists, contractors/engineers and officials leading departments of transportation.  
  • Accelerate innovation in resilient roads design materials and methods within the contracting and engineering communities and increase their adoption for the sake of safety, sustainability, lower upfront cost and greater lifetime return on investment.  
  • Encourage policymakers and those who authorize road-building funds to require and specify performance-driven procurement standards linked to resilience and longevity. 


Roundtable members include leaders of major transportation industry construction and engineering associations, executives from national road contractors and road product manufacturers as well as state transportation officials.  While each participant brings a different perspective on road resilience, the diverse group is aligned on its goal of advancing resilience as an essential attribute of our nation’s roadways. 

Allie Kelly, Executive Director of The Ray – a Georgia-based proving ground for the evolving ideas and technologies that will transform the transportation infrastructure of the future – is a member of the Resilient Roads Roundtable. “The Roundtable encourages innovation and experimentation by uniting several different groups to more powerfully communicate how resilient roadways can transform our infrastructure and communities,” said Kelly. 

“As a leading supplier of engineered solutions for transportation infrastructure, we recognize the need to improve resiliency in our roadways,” says Scott Edgecombe President, Americas at Tensar International. “New technology and performance-driven standards and this roundtable is a step in the right direction to help communicate and influence change.”  

To learn more about the Resilient Roadways roundtable, click on resilientroadways.com. Keep updated by subscribing to the Resilient Roadways blog. Transportation infrastructure leaders interested in joining the Roundtable to help improve resiliency and longevity of American roads or contributing content for ResilientRoadways.com should reach out directly to [email protected]


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