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New York City’s Charlotte Gardens Multi-Family Passive House Project Featured on Amazon Prime’s Documentary “Our Corner of the Planet”

Parul Dubey on September 28, 2020 - in News, Projects

NEW YORK CITY, NY – The design of a two-building, seven-story 18,000 square foot development in the Bronx is garnering nationwide attention. “Our Corner of the Planet”, a documentary released this week on Amazon Prime, features the 24-unit multi-family development and its Passive House Pre-Certified design which, once constructed, will be almost a net zero carbon energy building.

NODE Founder and Principal Architect, Jakov Saric, a Certified Passive House Designer, jumped at the opportunity to team with an innovative developer who is oriented toward building a portfolio of sustainable and efficient properties. Saric says, “We designed a completely energy-efficient space. We designed a system to treat sanitary waters onsite to produce methane and, using a generator, turn that into heat and electrical. This piece of the design was very challenging as we needed to design a system to return the excess energy our building creates back to NYC’s main utility provider. Once constructed, this building will be almost completely off-grid.”

The building specifies a super insulated steel structure with a high-performance envelope clad with solar panels and continuous solar panel structure above the roof.  Air-tight Passive House Certified windows and doors will be used to provide thermal comfort. In conjunction with energy recovery ventilation (ERV) systems, the air quality throughout will be far superior to other residential spaces, a bonus in a world still battling the spread of COVID-19. 

Less than a  quarter of energy used in New York comes from renwable sources. Saric believes it is everyone’s responsibility to educate themselves on how they can contribute to a more sustainable future. He is convinced new construction and renvoations in New York City can accomdate these sustainable designs as long as they are front of mind. He continues, “Following Passive House principles is one way we improve the eco-friendliness of our built environment and contribute to society. I’m proud to be working with this developer and others to lead the way in creating a more sustainble New York City.”

The documentary’s Director, Julia St. Pierre adds, “I was inspired to do this documentary after hearing about the incredible work being done to create a net-zero house in New York City. It made me wonder what other people around the country were doing to improve their own communities. Talking with everyone in the documentary, including Jakov, showed me that meaningful change doesn’t have to come from a nation’s leaders to be important: it can start with anybody, anywhere.” 

To learn more about the project visit NODE’s Youtube or website. To watch the documentary in full, visit Amazon Prime. Contact Jakov Saric and team directly at 212-380-6114.



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