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Trace Software International announces the release of archelios™ Pro and archelios™ Calc

Parul Dubey on January 17, 2020 - in News, Products, Technology

Trace Software International announces the release of the latest versions of its photovoltaic software solutions archelios™ Pro and archelios™ Calc. The company boasts impressive expertise in the manufacturing of advanced and high- standards software solutions for the building and energy industries.

archelios™ Pro and archelios™ Calc belong to the archelios™ Suite, a comprehensive software solution that offers a unique approach. Thanks to its advanced computational technology, archelios™ Suite adds value to the life-cycle of any PV project: feasibility and profitability study, simulation, calculation of producible energy, complete electrical sizing, operation, and monitoring.

The software is an efficient tool for any type of PV project.

It is composed by:


archelios™ Pro

archelios™ Pro is a powerful, innovative and easy-to-use software for feasibility and bankability study, simulation, 3D design and sizing of any photovoltaic project.

In this latest version, the software has been enhanced with automated features that simplify the design and upsizing processes, improve the dimensioning accuracy and reduce the risk of errors associated with double value entry. Amongst the most relevant:

– Export of cable lengths to archelios™ Calc.
– Simplified database with direct access to components. It is no longer necessary to open a project.
– Fast creation of MPPT (Maximum Power Point Tracking) in inverters. Only one value creation for a set of inverters is required.
– Possibility to import directly .ond files to inform the inverters without re-entering data.
– Simplification of the wiring of inverters, junction boxes, and cable trays.
– Quick modification of module references from SketchUp without the need to recalculate. The new values are directly taken into account.

With regards to self-consumption installations, it is now possible to adapt a project to the actual annual consumption based on invoicing data. The consumption profile is accurate, and the user no longer needs to adjust it. This is also a new feature for the self-production installations with automatic peak power sizing. In addition, archelios™ Pro directly forecasts the number of modules to be installed for an expected production.

archelios™ Calc

archelios™ Calc is a comprehensive software for the calculation, sizing and verification of photovoltaic systems connected to the public network. The software also allows the sizing of a photovoltaic system for solar energy self-consumption.

First of all, the latest release permits the import of cable lengths from any of the archelios™ Pro project. By completing the existing import of inverter, tracker and generator equipment with cable parameters, the installation structure is more accurate and can be completed quickly.

In addition, during the design phase of the structure, the user can now benefit from a multiple cable selection functionality for the assignment of manufacturer references. Even if the basic characteristics are varied (Voc, Tk Voc, Tmax, number of modules in a chain), multiple selections are possible. The project is completed more quickly and the risk of error due to repeated entries is considerably reduced.

The user interface has also been improved to allow better visual identification and more customization possibilities.

Amongst the new features:

– Automatic generation of the calculation note in PDF format.
– Edition of PDF documents in 4 languages.
– Simplified insertion of logos, the addition of a title.
– Saving project settings.
– More modern and intuitive design for editing the calculation note.


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