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Academic Named ‘Civil Engineer of the Year’

Parul Dubey on August 22, 2019 - in Awards, News, People

For over twenty-five years the University of Sydney’s Head of Civil Engineering, Professor Brian Uy has played a central role in building Australia’s civil engineering capacity as a leading academic and through his contributions to large infrastructure works such as The Star Casino and offshore structures in the Bass Strait. 

On Sunday, he was named 2019 Sir John Holland Civil Engineer of the Year at a celebration marking the centenary of Engineers Australia.

Professor Uy has developed a recruitment model which has lifted the calibre of researchers and students pursuing civil engineering. This model has also increased Australian universities’ research and teaching capabilities through the implementation of innovative technology and new campus infrastructure. 

“I am extremely humbled to receive this award and thank both the board of Engineers Australia’s College of Civil Engineers and the Sir John Holland Group,” said Professor Uy.

“This award recognises the significant contributions made by all the teams I have worked with for over thirty years in academia, consulting engineering, research assessment and standards development. I also acknowledge the tremendous encouragement of my family in supporting me to pursue my career over many decades,” he said.

The Sir John Holland Civil Engineer of the Year award is a national award presented to a leading civil engineer who has made a major contribution to the sector, including service to the community, involvement in major projects and the development of new technology and research. 

Last year, Professor Uy worked alongside the Australian Government’s Defence Science Technology Group as the Chief Investigator for the National Facility for Physical Blast Simulation that was funded by the Australian Research Council.

He currently leads a University of Sydney team that is working collaboratively with the NSW Roads and Maritime Services to extend the life of steel bridges in the state’s north.

Professor Uy has long advocated for engineering’s roles in delivering essential services to the community and making a positive impact on society, from developing sound building regulation practices through to humanitarian and environmental engineering.

“Civil Engineering is a profession that has such tangible and demonstrative positive effects on society. I would highly recommend a career in civil engineering to any student embarking on a career choice,” said Professor Uy.

“Civil engineering embodies teamwork and has a very real interface with the general public which overall can lead to a very satisfying and fulfilling career which has real impact on our society,” he concluded.

About Professor Brian Uy

Professor Brian Uy is the Head of School for Civil Engineering and is a leading international authority on steel and composite structures.

Over the past three decades he has been involved in the teaching and mentoring of thousands of students and academics. 

Prior to joining academia, Professor Uy worked in civil and structural design and was involved in major offshore and commercial building projects.

He is the Chairman of the Standards Australia Committee on Composite structures for buildings and steel and composite structures for bridges; the Chairman of the Australia Regional Group of the Institution of Structural Engineers  and the Australian Group of the International Association of Bridge and Structural Engineering. He is a Fellow of Engineers Australia; Institution of Civil Engineers; American Society of Civil Engineers; Institution of Structural Engineers and the International Association of Bridge and Structural Engineering.

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