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2020 Starts a Rebound for the Energy Satcom Sector

Parul Dubey on August 21, 2019 - in Energy, News, Technology

CAMBRIDGE, Mass.- NSR’s Energy SATCOM Markets, 8th Edition (ESM8) report, released today, forecasts retail revenues for key energy markets (Onshore and Offshore Oil & Gas, Midstream pipeline distribution, Mining, and Electrical Utilities) to yield nearly $10 Billion in cumulative revenues from 2018 – 2028. With growing demand for broadband data connectivity across nearly all segments, growth is right around the corner for the Energy SATCOM Markets, after years of stagnation and declines. With over 80 transponders of FSS Capacity, and 75 Gbps of HTS capacity in GEO and Non-GEO projected by 2028, capacity consumption continues to rise. While Retail Revenue growth remains in the low single-digits growth over the next ten years – the market continues to have bright spots and opportunities for those service providers willing to find them.

“All signs point to some form of a turnaround in the near future,” states Brad Grady Principal Analyst and lead Author. “While some markets such as Mining are showing flat growth, upstream Oil & Gas will account for nearly 50% of the new revenue opportunities in the coming decade. Driven in part by the need for higher throughput connectivity from GEO and Non-GEO, pricing stability over the past few months seems to have encouraged renewed investment into some exploration and production activities. Although not out of the woods yet, market fundamentals show signs of improving.” Overall, we are starting to see new sites, applications, and requirements out in the market – a positive sign for growth ahead.

Upstream Oil & Gas markets remains the core opportunity, nearly $900M in retail revenues projected by 2028. Utilities will add another $250M+, and Mining will remain largely flat over the next ten years at just over $100M in retail revenues. On a capacity metric, Non-GEO HTS and GEO-HTS Ku-band are the ‘growth enablers’ as satellite operators continue to build-out coverage maps. FSS Ku-band will not be left out of the mix as a key building block for utility-centric networks. With a growing need for ‘more connectivity’ at all segments/slices of the Energy markets, growth is coming in two-fold: more sites, and bigger/faster pipes.

Bottom Line, expect 2020 to be a ‘turnaround year’ for Energy SATCOM players as market stability returns, demand for connectivity continues to increase, and new connectivity choices are brought online over the next ten years.

About the Report
Energy Markets via Satellite, 8th Edition
expands on previous NSR coverage of the Energy Markets.  The report adds an addressable Market Forecast for all segments, an ongoing focus on Non-GEO HTS opportunities, and expanding dives into key sub-segments for this edition. Focusing on In-service Units, Revenues, and Capacity Demand across FSS, GEO-HTS, Non-GEO HTS, and MSS capacity the report dives-deep into the trends, drivers, and restraints behind each segment. 

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Companies and Organizations Mentioned in ESM8:
Speedcast, RigNet, Marlink, Inmarsat, Iridium, SES, ITC Global, Noble Drilling, Tampnet, Carnival Corporation, Shelf Drilling, Vergnet Group and Schlumberger.  

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