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REMU Pumps Up Next-Generation Amphibious Excavator Product Line

Parul Dubey on April 26, 2019 - in News, Products

Ähtäri, FINLAND – REMU, the Finnish company that makes the finest earthmoving products, today announced that the Big Float E15, designed for 10-15-ton excavators, will ship in May, extending the number of Big Float models in its E-Series to three.

“REMU’s Big Float E-Series amphibious excavators provide so much additional strength, productivity potential, and efficiency than the offerings from other manufacturers today that REMU has really set the bar higher for the entire industry, and changed dramatically what customers can reasonably expect from equipment in the toughest conditions, said Pavel Syrtsov, Business Development Manager.

REMU Big Float E22, shown here in a Texas lake mounted with a CAT 324 upper carriage, makes its way deep into a lake to move dirt in Texas. Watch the video.

The E-Series models’ reliability, quality, and easy serviceability are increasingly making it the equipment of choice for some of the world’s biggest wetland construction contractor. Working long hours in ultra-challenging shoreline and swamp conditions, contractors demand ultra-reliability as well as quick, efficient transport that keeps productivity at peak by saving time, money, and man hours. Among Big Float’s most unique and notable features and available options are:

  • Extensible Undercarriage. REMU’s E-Series amphibious excavators are all equipped with a pontoon undercarriage that can be hydraulically adjusted, which offers two tremendous benefits. First, optimal stability in both narrow channels and waterways as well as deep water. Second, truly vast savings in time, money, and man-hours during transport. Since Big Float pontoons can quickly be adjust to as narrow a width as 3.0 meters, depending on model, when competitors’ equipment only narrows to a space almost twice that size, Big Float models can fit on a single truck for transport, and don’t have to be either disassembled before transport or reassembled afterward. One New York-based contractor claimed this feature alone saved him $100,000 on a job.  A Big Float undercarriage mounted with a CAT320 upper carriage narrow to just 11.5 feet in width; REMU’s various competitors offer equipment that mounted with a CAT320 narrows to just between 16 to 20 feet wide — taking up as much as almost twice the space, which makes transport more difficult.


  • Customizable.  Customers can choose to mount any excavator brand on top of the Big Float pontoons or undercarriage. Big Float E-Series undercarriages can be also equipped with wide range of additional equipment custom-designed for special situations, including side pontoons that allow Big Float to operate entirely in deep water.


  • Performs Flawlessly in the Toughest Environments. REMU designed Big Float to provide rock-solid stability and reliability in even the most challenging set of circumstances. REMU uses today’s industry-standard chain structure which has not only been proven over decades to provide the strongest way to move crawler track, but also means that if needed standard parts are available all over the world from multiple sources in hours or just minutes.

Read more about REMU’s Big Float E-Series technology and discover the wide range of applications E-Series excavators are for, including not only pipeline construction but environmental restoration projects, industrial waste pond cleaning, flood control, removing vegetation from streams and lakes, and much more. Download REMU’s Big Float brochure, watch videos of Big Float in action, and write or call REMU experts for initial consultation on your specific set of challenges.

ABOUT REMU: From the backwoods of Finland, come the toughest guys with the finest earthmoving products. Located in Ähtäri, in the middle of Finland, REMU manufactures Screening buckets, Combi screening plants and Big Float amphibious excavators. All REMU products are continuously improved to be stronger, safer and more productive. REMU products are designed and manufactured in Finland. Call REMU OY at +358 20 743 1160 (Finland), +1 888 600 0018 (USA), write [email protected], and visit www.remu.fi

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