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Specification Section: 2019 Erosion Control and Geosynthetics Guide

Parul Dubey on February 13, 2019 - in Directory, Erosion Control, Geosynthetics, specification section

This guide briefly showcases the latest Erosion Control and Geosynthetics products specified by civil and structural engineers throughout the industry. If your company should have been included in the guide, let us know by emailing [email protected], and we’ll add it online.

Contech Engineered Solutions

Contech Engineered Solutions is a leading provider of site solutions for the civil engineering industry. Contech is the only company that can provide bridge, drainage, erosion control, retaining wall, sanitary, soil stabilization and stormwater solutions on a national scale. Our product offering includes corrugated metal and plastic pipe; steel truss, metal plate and concrete arch bridges and structures; hard armor, geogrid, geotextiles, block and retaining wall systems; and stormwater detention/retention, filtration and treatment systems.

Our product portfolio is based on more than a century of research and practical field experience serving the highway, drainage, sewage and site-improvement markets. To contact one of Contech’s 50 offices or 300 sales and product professionals nationwide, visit www.ContechES.com or call 800-338-1122.
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Keystone Retaining Wall Systems

Throughout the 30-plus years Keystone Retaining Wall Systems has been in business, we have become the world’s leading source of retaining wall and landscape solutions. Keystone’s products and services address soil retention, erosion control, and inventive landscape systems for commercial, municipal, transportation, residential, and industrial applications. Our interlocking systems use Keystone pultruded fiberglass pins with 6,400 psi shear strengths and time-saving design and construction options. Two Keystone structural wall systems have been widely approved for use across the country by state departments of transportation.

The Keystone brand is recognized and trusted among engineers, contractors, architects, and homeowners worldwide. Our products are available in almost every state in the U.S. and more than 35 countries. Visit our website to view our full line of products and technical resources.
John Schramm
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Nedia Enterprises

IECA Booth #802

Nedia Enterprises Inc. offers a complete line of erosion control, sediment control and bioengineered products made primarily from natural fibers. We provide innovative quality products and excellent service to customers in the erosion control and bioengineering industry. Nedia is committed to the conservation of the environment. We believe that the proper use of our erosion control products will contribute to improved environmental function as well as encourage widespread use of innovative and vegetation friendly bioengineering techniques.
Siby Pothen
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Plastic Solutions-StormRAX

Plastic Solutions supplies high-quality, industry-leading trash racks, in addition to selling HDPE pipe, HDPE fittings, PVC pipe, plastic catch and drain basins, and plastic sheet goods. We have certified shop and field welders to ensure all requirements are met.

Customer satisfaction and dedication built this company, and this is what drives us. We are committed to designing environmentally friendly products for a cleaner tomorrow. Our helpful and knowledgeable staff will work hard to get you the right products for your projects.

Plastic Solutions has many distributors of private and commercial products available nationwide to help you complete your project faster, saving you time and money. For example, our line of fiberglass-reinforced, UV-stabilized HDPE trash racks will never rust, are a fraction of the weight of re-bar trash racks, easier to install and are covered by a limited one-year warranty.

Call us today, and let our expert staff help solve your stormwater management needs.
Jonathan Larrick
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PROFILE Products

IECA Booth #1101

Based in Buffalo Grove, Ill., PROFILE Products manufactures and distributes proven solutions that help you thrive in a competitive environment while enhancing the natural environment. As the world’s largest manufacturer of hydraulically applied erosion control products, it’s our mission to elevate the excellence of the erosion control industry through advanced technologies, onsite consultation, educational seminars, and online tools and resources.

The latest in online resources from Profile, ErosionControlSpecs.com is a powerful new tool for erosion control and reclamation professionals. This free and easy-to-use specification-drafting website delivers the most up-to-date CSI-format specifications in minutes. With simple step-by-step instructions and the ability to customize specs for your needs, ErosionControlSpecs.com gives you quick, comprehensive specifications in an editable document delivered right to your inbox.
Adam Dibble
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IECA Booth #1001

Presto’s GEOWEB 3D soil-confinement system offers flexible solutions for challenging soil-stabilization problems. The 3D system strengthens and transforms fill material, improving performance in a variety of applications. For controlling erosion, the GEOWEB system’s 3D cellular structure stabilizes the upper soil layer on slopes to resist sliding and prevent surface runoff erosion. In channel designs, the system controls stormwater and replaces expensive riprap and reinforced concrete with vegetation and poured-in-place concrete. Vegetated gravity and reinforced GEOWEB retaining walls are designed for natural aesthetics and to meet green initiatives. Using the GEOWEB system to build roads with onsite, low-quality fill reduces cost and installation time.

Presto offers free project evaluations, fast and easy specification tools and engineering consultation.

HDPE GEOWEB. Strength and Flexibility Perfected.
Patricia Stelter
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IECA Booth #1107

Propex GeoSolutions is a global leader in innovating patented geosynthetic and erosion control products that are tested, proven and trusted. We don’t just manufacture and market these innovative products, we also have an experienced team of professional engineers to support you through the design process, including creating a unique design for your project that meets specifications. We’ll also support your installation efforts through our certified installer program.

Interested? Try out EC Design, our web-based erosion control modeling application that uses Hydraulic Engineering Circular No. 15 (HEC-No25) and Revised Universal Soil Loss Equation (RUSLE) to help you choose the best solution for your project.

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Suståne Natural Fertilizers

IECA Booth #920

Suståne Natural Fertilizers Inc. manufactures a full line of top-quality, natural and organic fertilizers formulated with aerobically composted turkey litter. Backed by 30 years of research, our products have been used successfully on revegetation projects throughout the USA. Suståne granules are formulated with high-quality organic matter, natural humates, beneficial microorganisms, and balanced plant fertility that will improve soil quality. Easily broadcast and compatible with hydroseeding equipment, our materials stimulate rapid and vigorous plant establishment. Known for their quality, Suståne’s products are also used by farmers, greenhouse growers, landscapers and professional turf managers worldwide. For more information on our products, technical specifications and research, check us out at www.sustane.com.
Brian Gardener
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800-352 9245

Advanced Drainage Systems

Advanced Drainage Systems Inc. (ADS) provides a wide variety of geosynthetics to meet drainage, separation, stabilization and soil-reinforcement needs. Woven and nonwoven fabrics prevent ruts in unpaved roads and animal loading areas. They also stabilize the ground under waste ponds and pits, and help keep silt and fine soil out of the collector pipe.

Geogrids not only enhance pavement life and stabilize soft soils, they also can save money due to reduced aggregate thickness, sub-grade material thickness and undercuts. The ADS erosion control family of stormwater management products improves water quality by promoting vegetation and providing erosion protection in channels and on slopes.

All geosynthetics are strong, durable, chemically inert, environmentally compatible, and are virtually unaffected by the effects of ground conditions, weather and aging. To learn more about ADS Geosynthetics, visit www.ads-pipe.com.
Tori Durliat
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American Excelsior Company

American Excelsior Company invented the erosion control blanket! Made in the USA and celebrating over 130 years in business, American Excelsior manufactures a wide variety of erosion and sediment control products.

Curlex engineered fibers are made from 100% natural Aspen fibers and harvested from sustainable sources. Recyclex based products keep millions of soda bottles out of landfills. The NEW TriNet TRM family of products are designed to work in extreme applications. Curlex Sediment Log and Curlex Bloc products provide sediment control and have countless shoreline and water filtration applications. Bindex hydraulic mulch and a variety of straw and straw/coconut products round out our offering.

With locations and distribution partners throughout the United States, we make it easy for you to address your local jobsite requirements.
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Boulderscape Inc. is a leader in the installation of both structural and architectural shotcrete wall finishes nationwide. BSI specializes in over 60 styles of shotcrete wall finishes from geology, masonry, Class A flat wall finishes to artistic imprints. BSI has installed more than 9 million square feet of wall finishes over a variety of retaining wall systems such as soil nail walls, soldier pile walls, sheet pile, lagging, secant, caisson and cast in place walls.
Steve Jimenez
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BluRoc is built to overcome challenges. We provide access to even the most remote places by combining good ole hard work with decades of innovation and unwavering commitments to service and safety. We bring a culture of confidence and resourcefulness to every job. That’s why if you need to build, transport or bring electric, gas, wind, or civil construction projects to tough, inhospitable terrain, you can depend on BluRoc. No matter where we’re preparing your worksite, we can get access mats delivered quickly and cost-effectively via the largest inventory in North America. Beyond access is more than a mission. It’s a mantra that we work and live by every day.
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Established in 1925, we are one of the leading manufacturers and exporters of top-quality environment-friendly Coir geotextiles for soil erosion control: Coir stitched blanket, weed control mat and various Coco-peat products. We are a fourth-generation, world’s first ISO-9001, ISO-14001 & SA 8000 certified Coir and Jute company. We have been in the industry for 93 years, catering to the highly competitive and quality-conscious domestic as well as international markets.

CCM Coir geotextiles and CCM Coir stitched blankets are very effective in controlling soil erosion and slope protection. It is natural and biodegradable, durable for nearly 24-36 months, and helps plant growth hold the soil until the roots take over the job of soil protection. The weed-control mat is 100% photodegradable for use in weed control and moisture retention in soil. Coir peat is ideal for water retention and horticulture as a growing medium. It’s an ideal substitute for peat moss.
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East Coast Erosion Control

East Coast Erosion is a leading manufacturer of erosion blankets and turf reinforcement mats. Our main values are quality products and excellent service. We carry a full line of products, including temporary blankets, permanent blankets (TRMs), sediment devices and hydraulic mulches. The revolutionary T-Recs is our HPTRM that delivers permanent stability with an ease of installation. Our multiple facilities and international distribution allow us to quickly provide product when needed.
Diane Hitt
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Eco-Rain Tank Systems of America

Eco-Rain Tanks are underground modular products certified by the International Code Council (ICC), an independent organization, to meet Industry standards—designed to accept and hold rain and runoff water for infiltration into the substrate, detention for controlled release, or for water reuse as a cistern. Tanks have a 97% void space for water storage. Certified for AASHTO H-25 loading in traffic areas, Eco-Rain Tank basins are used under parking lots and landscaped areas. Tanks are 1.34 feet wide x 2.25 feet long x 10 different heights; and can be designed to fit in square, rectangular, tiered or odd shapes.

Eco-Rain ET-1301: 1-inch Drainage Cells are hard polypropylene drainage mats designed for use underground to provide a 1-inch void space to transport and hold water.

Eco-Rain ET-1401: 2-inch Drainage Cells are tough polypropylene drainage mats designed for surface use as gravel or turf pavers or as support for concrete pavers.
Mary Angle
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FASCO America

FASCO America is the North American distribution arm for the vast range of tools and fasteners manufactured by The BECK Fastener Group, a company with over 100 years of experience providing products of consistent, superior quality. Products include SCRAIL fasteners that combine the speed of nail installation with the strength of screws, plus the 2016 PTIA award-winning cord-free F70G Fence Stapler, and the RoofLoc Metal Roofing System, including F58 RoofLoc tools and SteelThread SCRAIL fasteners. The F CL45A Gabion Tool offers rugged design to withstand harsh conditions, and a double grip to ensure non-slip handling and reduced fatigue. When paired with the CL45 Gabion Hog Rings, you’ll be well-equipped to build erosion-controlling gabion baskets or rockfall nets with speed and efficiency.
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GEI Works

GEI Works is a product manufacturer and distributor specializing in erosion and pollution prevention products. A few of our product solutions include turbidity curtains, stormwater management BMPs, dewatering products, secondary containment, collapsible water tanks, and erosion control materials.

We provide practical and cost-effective solutions that can be customized to address challenges that stormwater management and erosion control professionals face every day. Our Taurus dewatering and filtration product lines are proactive solutions to satisfy BMP and SWPPP requirements. Our floating Orion Boom and Triton Turbidity Curtains, designed for maximum control and containment, are versatile enough to fit specific project needs.

GEI Works leverages years of industry experience and USA manufacturing capabilities to provide effective solutions to jobsite challenges large and small in the United States and around the world.
Karen Allan
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Over the last 20 years, Intermas Geosynthetics has become a world benchmark in drainage for landfills, mines, reservoirs, slope stabilization and other civil works. Our engineering team develops projects based on individual requirements and promotes ongoing development based on the extrusion and lamination technologies. We provide top-of-the-range solutions not only for drainage applications, but also for soil reinforcement and erosion control.

Our drainage portfolio covers a wide range of products, which extends from geocomposites constituted of double-stranded HDPE geonets (INTERDRAIN, VIADRAIN) to those constituted of triplanar HDPE geonets (CAPDRAIN, TECHDRAIN). Likewise, we provide versatile solutions for soil reinforcement with woven, high-tenacity multifilament yarns, along with three-dimensional HDPE mats for erosion control (TRINTER).
Sergi Conesa
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+34 605 942 308

Invisible Structures

For over 35 years, Invisible Structures Inc. (ISI) has been committed to manufacturing products that both protect and enhance the environment. Our products help prevent erosion and soil migration, reduce stormwater runoff, filter pollutants from water, recharge groundwater, reduce non-point source pollution, mitigate urban heat islands, and much more. Our 100% recycled plastic product line includes erosion control systems, porous pavers, underground stormwater retention & detention, and high-performance drainage systems.
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JRM Chemical Inc.

JRM Chemical introduces a new linear anionic tackifier, Hydrobond Plus with biostimulants. This product and all JRM linear polymers are ANSI/NSF 60 approved. The highly active and diverse biostimulant formulation helps increase turf establishment and growth while reducing soil erosion. Other linear erosion polymers are available in powders, tablets and emulsions to reduce soil loss, increase water infiltration and treating turbid water. These products are used with hydroseeding, oversprays and tablets, and are placed in waterway and ditch applications.

JRM offers a full line of absorbent polymers and mycorrhizal products for revegetation.

Several grade sizes of polymers for amending soils, amending hydroseeding mixes and seed coat polymers for drop/spread seed applications. Mycorrhizal products increase plant growth and establishment.
Dave Czehut
[email protected]


LSC Environmental Products

LSC is a global manufacturer of premier products and equipment designed to address the persistent environmental challenges of erosion, odor, land reclamation, waste cover, seeding and dust. Over 25 years ago, LSC pioneered the use of spray-applied alternate daily cover and solar-powered vent flares in the solid waste industry. Since then, they have applied their unparalleled expertise in spray-applied environmental coatings to a variety of new products, industries and markets.

With the acquisition in 2016 of Terra Novo Inc., who served the erosion and sediment control industry for almost 20 years and are best known for their EarthGuard products, they are excited to offer new solutions for erosion control, soil amendment and site winterization. LSC’s product offering also includes a full line of specialty mixer/spray applicators.
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Maccaferri is a global leader of civil and geotechnical engineering applications that helps consultants, agencies and contractors with “Engineering a Better Solution.” Having invented the gabion and Reno Mattresses nearly 140 years ago, Maccaferri developed a double-twist wire mesh for hydraulic applications, including erosion protection and channel lining. In the last 20 years, we have expanded our expertise to include rockfall mitigation, coastal protection and geosynthetic solutions. We strive to build partnerships through trust and collaboration within our industry community across the United States.
Justina Simmons
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Milliken Infrastructure Solutions

Distributed by Milliken Infrastructure Solutions, Concrete Cloth geosynthetic cementitious composite mat (GCCM) is a revolutionary construction material that can be used in civil infrastructure markets, including transportation, oil & gas, stormwater, landfill, mining, and erosion control.

Engineered in roll form, Concrete Cloth GCCM, a licensed product of Concrete Canvas, is a three-dimensional, flexible, concrete impregnated fabric that hardens on hydration to form a thin, waterproof and fire-resistant concrete layer that can be used for ditch lining, slope stabilization, shoreline armor, secondary berm protection, culvert invert protection and geosynthetic liner protection.

Concrete Cloth GCCM can be installed in rainy and other wet conditions, virtually eliminating rescheduling due to weather, and it has a low alkaline reserve and a low wash rate for a minimal ecological impact.
John Hepfinger
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Modular Gabion Systems

Modular Gabion Systems (MGS) is a division of Houston-based C.E. Shepherd Co. L.P., a leader in welded wire mesh GABION manufacturing since 1957. The Gabion System is known worldwide as an ancient and the most effective hard-armor system used in the practice of soil erosion control, earth retention, flood control, channel and river stabilization, shoreline protection, and a variety of other applications.

Interconnected and rock‐filled, Gabions are engineered to provide the unique combination of flexibility, permeability, strength and integrity. Modular Gabions are fabricated in a variety of mesh openings, wire diameters and wire coatings ranging from Galvanized to Zinc-Aluminum to Fuse Bonded PVC to Stainless Steel.
George Ragazzo
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New South
New South enjoys a well-earned reputation for providing the most efficient, most responsible and safest access in the industry. We offer a full range of temporary access mat installations for roads, bridges, wetland access and floatation roadways, project management assistance, civil construction, SWPPP services, and complete site restoration. Whether your project calls for matting to create a temporary road, reduce ground pressure or protect the environment, we not only help you select the right products for your requirements, but we also provide the mats in the type, size and quantity you need, and have them shipped to your worksite in plenty of time. Regardless of where your project is located, chances are one of our mat yards is nearby, which means that working with us helps to reduce your freight costs.
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North American Green

North American Green develops, produces, and distributes a complete line of high-quality erosion and sediment control systems to meet the specific erosion control, sediment control, scour protection and/or vegetation reinforcement needs of nearly any application. Our integrated erosion control solutions offer multiple options for protecting high-scour areas, topsoil, construction perimeters, stormwater runoff, sediment migration and more. North American Green also provides value-added services that include design software, site evaluation and installation guidance. In addition, North American Green’s Ultimate Assurance Guarantee is the most comprehensive product-performance guarantee in the industry.
Jill Pack
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Retaining walls hold up roads you drive on every day. They create space in your yard, protect your town from flooding, and safeguard your bridges from erosion. Over time, you’ve come to expect a lot out of retaining walls. Redi-Rock is an engineered retaining wall system that is provided by 130 manufacturers across the globe. Massive Redi-Rock blocks allow tall gravity retaining walls to be built without geogrid in many applications. New Redi-Rock XL hollow-core retaining blocks integrate with all other Redi-Rock blocks to extend the reach of the most comprehensive retaining wall system on the market, making even taller gravity walls in tight spaces a short order. Visit www.redi-rock.com today to find your local manufacturer and get a quote on your next project.
Cayce Armstrong
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RYMAR Waterworks Innovations

RYMAR Waterworks Innovations (formally SW Products) produces Game Changing Stormwater and Erosion Control products and tools. The Marlee Float skimmer, an innovation in Stormwater Management, is the MOST effective and affordable skimmer on the market. Its unique, patented design has a shielded weir to prevent clogging and draws water from just below the surface, which keeps floating trash and debris in the basin while increasing sediment-trapping efficiency. Constructed of HDPE pipe, this polyethylene float is UV-resistant and virtually indestructible, with no moving parts. It’s third-party tested, ships pre-assembled and is easy to install. The Roper Wrench is a Multi-Valve key with a patented Self-Centering Socket Tool designed to easily lock onto a 2” nut with a simple twist. The Versa Wattle is an inlet protection device that can also be used for trapping sediment and diverting water.
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Silt-Saver Inc.

Silt-Saver Inc. introduces the NEXT generation of silt fence to replace wire back silt fences. 2 Stage WBSF (Woven Belted Silt Fence) is a fabric specifically designed for the practice of vertical sediment control and stormwater release. 2 Stage WBSF addresses the efficiency requirements of the EPA with our high-efficiency #50 sieve 12” stage at ground level. Our 2nd stage gives controlled release of stormwater, which reduces hydrostatic pressure that causes undermining and overtopping.

2 Stage has four patented interwoven belts for attachment and linear strength. Therefore, it traps the sediment, releases the water, and has the structural integrity to stay in place. 2 Stage can be plowed in or comes pre-assembled with posts.
Dave Goff
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Strata Systems

Whatever soil reinforcement your project needs, Strata provides the system that is the most flexible and cost-effective turnkey solution available. With 25 years of knowledge and expertise in the grade-change and soil-reinforcement industry, we know how to work with your team to achieve the best results on every project.

Sleeve-It SD-1 is a pre-engineered fence post anchoring solution for enhancing below-grade foundational stability in fences placed on top of a segmental retaining wall (SRW). Sleeve-It’s patent-pending design allows stable fence footings to be integrated into the support structure of the SRW while it is being constructed. Because of its cantilevered form and other properties, using Sleeve-It during the SRW build permits a code-compliant fence to be constructed, eliminating the 36” offset requirements of IBC 1015.2.
Caroline Yates
[email protected]

Soil Retention

Drivable Grass is a permeable, flexible and plantable concrete paving system that is environmentally friendly and a beautiful alternative to poured concrete and asphalt. Drivable Grass is designed to flex and conform to irregular ground surfaces, which makes it so unique compared to alternative paving products. Drivable Grass can be used for a wide variety of applications including road shoulders, driveways, parking lots, pathways, drainage channels, swales and fire lanes. The product has many infill options, including decomposed granite, sand, ground covers, sod and Drivable Turf, a pre-cut artificial turf infill.
Nicholle Swearingen
[email protected]

TenCate Geosynthetics

TenCate Geosynthetics is the global leader in geosynthetics. Our geogrids and geotextiles are engineered with advanced application knowledge to meet project specifications for transportation construction, mechanically stabilized earth, erosion control, and water and waste management.
Meghan Strickland
[email protected]

TYPAR Geosynthetics

At TYPAR Geosynthetics, we create performance-based replacements for building staples like stone, sand and asphalt. Our products are lighter and easier to install than their mineral counterparts, reducing materials required, waste created and the need for heavy construction equipment. With product and research facilities in Nashville, Tenn., we’ve built upon 40 years of experience to extend our range of materials to provide protection, reinforcement, drainage, filtration and separation options to design and construction professionals.

From permeable driveway surfaces, tree root-friendly barriers that protect underground structures or a reinforcement wall system that holds back floodwaters, TYPAR Geosynthetics can meet application requirements and extend the life of projects.
Keith Misukanis
[email protected]


YAK MAT is the largest supplier of access mats in North America, specializing in providing access solutions for energy projects. Pioneering the industry since 1976, YAK MAT is the only temporary roadway company that owns and operates nationwide manufacturing facilities, offering clients economies of scale and a variety of ready-to-ship mats in close proximity to any project, anywhere in the United States.

Creating access is more than just laying mats. It is taking care of the land, from beginning to end. We can help you understand why site restoration and preservation is necessary, and find the best solution for your business.
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