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High-Speed Rail Networks and Population Mobility Management in China

Parul Dubey on June 22, 2018 - in Transportation

Minneapolis, MN, USA – East View Press, the publishing arm of East View Information Services, is pleased to announce the publication of High-Speed Rail Networks and Population Mobility Management in China.


Fifteen years after the first track was laid in 2003, China’s high-speed rail or “bullet” trains boast a succession of world-leading superlatives. The largest network — nearly 16,000 miles. The fastest speed — up to 217 mph. The longest line (Beijing-Guangzhou) — 1,428 miles. The largest public works expenditure — as much as a half-trillion dollars. The most employees — nearly as many workers in China’s Railway Ministry as in the entire U.S. government civilian workforce.


What impact have China’s high-speed rail networks had on how everyday people live and work? How have commuting and long-distance travel patterns changed? To what degree will high-speed rail networks affect China’s social and economic development? Which groups in society will benefit from the momentous transformations brought forth by these networks, and which are most at risk of being left behind?


These questions and more are answered in High-Speed Rail Networks and Population Mobility Management in China (ISBN 978-1-879944-77-0), published jointly in 2018 by East View Press in Minneapolis and Social Sciences Academic Press in Beijing.


This is not just a book about technology. Written by one of China’s preeminent sociologists, Shanghai University’s Huang Suping, High-Speed Rail Networks and Population Mobility Management in China addresses the interface between technology and humanity. It is an especially timely work for understanding the impact of rapid rail travel on a society’s urban development.


Visit http://www.eastviewpress.com/Books/HighSpeedRailNetworks.aspx for more information or to order a copy.

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