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Weil Pump Offers One-Source Reliability, Complete Customization with Basin Package System

Parul Dubey on May 17, 2018 - in News, Products

Cedarburg, WI. Weil Pump, A Wilo Company, now offers heavy-duty package systems that are fully customizable with high-quality components, all manufactured in the United States, and can be built to order in as little as two weeks.


Weil’s package systems come standard with a fiberglass basin with a reinforcement band that increases structural integrity by nearly 200%, pumps, removal system, controls and cover. The package provides a convenient solution to the concerns that arise with working in confined spaces, as it comes pre-assembled to the job site and is simple to install, thanks to easy-access lifting handles and threaded inlet and outlet openings.


One of the benefits of a Weil package system is the exclusivity of dealing solely with Weil Pump. By allowing reps to order the entire system, clients no longer have to coordinate or wait on parts from different suppliers. Additionally, the package system ensures that all components are carefully measured and placed within the basin to fit that particular specification.


In addition, the basin floor comes pre-studded for mounting a Weil quick-removal sub-base.

Weil’s quick removal systems allow for the installation and removal of the pumps without the need to enter the basin and are available for 2”, 3”, 4” and 6” pumps. The package system may also include a duplex valve assembly consisting of two check valves and an isolation valve spaced to be compatible with a duplex set of 2”, 3” or 4” quick removal mounted pumps.


Finally, Weil’s package systems are available with a wide variety of level controls and accessories, including tethered float switches, oil-sensing switches, transducers and simplex, duplex, triplex or quadriplex control panels. For more information, contact your local Weil Pump representative at http://weilpump.com/#findrep.


About Weil Pump, A Wilo Company


Weil Pump has long been at the forefront in the design and manufacture of centrifugal pumps for construction, industrial, commercial and municipal applications. The company is dedicated to building a product that engineers can specify and contractors can sell and install with confidence. In addition to pumps, Weil manufactures removal systems and controls, ensuring one-source accountability/reliability and trouble-free start-up and operation. In March 2017, Weil Pump was acquired by Wilo USA, a subsidiary of Wilo SE.


About Wilo USA

Wilo USA is a subsidiary of Wilo SE, which is headquartered in Dortmund, Germany. Wilo is one of the leading manufacturers of pumps and pump systems for heating, cooling and air-conditioning technology, for water supply, and for sewage & drainage. The company is represented worldwide in over 90 countries by more than 60 subsidiaries, including 21 production sites, and employs more than 7,700 people globally.


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