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Energy Systems Integration Group’s Forecasting Event to Feature Industry Leaders From Around the World

Parul Dubey on May 17, 2018 - in Announcement, Events

RESTON, Va. –  The Energy Systems Integration Group (ESIG) will host its annual Forecasting Workshop & Tutorial June 19-21 in Saint Paul, Minnesota. The focus of the event, now in its tenth year, is Applying Meteorology in Power System Planning and Operations.


The three-day event will bring together experts from North America, Europe, and around the world to explore the latest in wind, solar and distributed generation forecasting and meteorology applications to electric power system planning and operations.


The opening day will include a half-day tutorial entitled, “Incorporating Variable Generation Forecasts into Power System Operational Procedures – A Market Operations Tutorial for Everyone.”


“The tutorial will be a great way to begin our three-day event and complement several of the sessions taking place during the workshop,” said Charlie Smith, ESIG Executive Director. “The tutorial speakers will focus on both how they use forecasts now and where there may be opportunity to do something different, as we have more variable energy resources on the system and also more capabilities to use the forecast uncertainty information in decision making.”


The forecasting workshop will follow the tutorial with eight sessions and more than 40 industry leaders from around the globe as panelists and session chairs. Session topics include:


  • Opening Plenary: Meteorology, Climate and the Electric Sector – Forecasting for an Integrated Energy System
  • Solar and Wind R&D Advances
  • Integration of Probabilistic Forecasts into Energy Management Systems (EMS) and Mark Management Systems (MMS) – Status and Prospects
  • Integration and Use of Solar Forecasts for Operating Storage Systems, Distribution Systems and Real Time Markets
  • Variable Generation Forecasting and Market Operation Experience
  • Variable Generation Forecasting and Market Operation Advances
  • Advances in Forecast Applications and Market Design
  • Closing Plenary: Joint Session with IEA Wind Task 36 on Forecasting for Wind Energy


A detailed agenda with all presenters and their topics can be downloaded here.

For more information on the event, including registration and hotel details, please visit https://www.esig.energy/event/2018-forecasting-workshop/.


Earlier this year, the Energy Systems Integration Group changed its name from Utility Variable-Generation Integration Group (UVIG), reflecting the non-profit educational association’s support for electric energy systems with higher levels of clean energy and emerging opportunities for coordination between electricity systems, natural gas systems, transportation systems, and a wide range of other energy and infrastructure pathways.


About Energy Systems Integration Group


The Energy Systems Integration Group (ESIG) is a non-profit engineering, resources and education association that serves the energy industry. ESIG’s mission is to chart the future of energy systems integration with a total system approach. ESIG does this by promoting the development and application of engineering and operational practices that support today’s electricity systems and the coordination between the electricity system and natural gas systems, transportation systems and a wide range of other energy and infrastructure pathways. For more information about ESIG, visit www.esig.energy.

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